Recommended Classical CD

Any recommendations for a great classical CD specifically containing symphonies with alot of cymbols works? I am trying use it to test speakers auditions. Many thanks
Do NOT recommend you play Mega's Telarc (Mackerras/LSO) too loud (esp. part 4) !!!
I could also suggest Mahler 2 & 5 (a small departure from the Russian masters).
There are recordings by 20th century composer Fritz Hauser.
There are multiple pieces for Timpani and Cymbals and some with Organ, Timpani, Cymbals and Drums.
Either of the caprices--Spanish (Korsakov) or Italian (Tchaikovsky), are good picks. My first choice however is "The Ring Without Words" from the Wagner ring cycle. The percussion moves towards you in the third or fourth track if I remember correctly and is very dynamic throughout. If you can't find one email me and I'll look for a copy.

Please, when dealing with classical music mention the orchestra and conductor! Musicians do.....

Good point, Jonesy, but I think in this case all the conductors allowed the cymbalist (?) to make noise. If someone's looking for great performances of these works, Fanfare is well represented by Bernstein in the late 50's vinyl and Telarc CD conducted by Louis Lane, the Berlioz is rare and found only, as far as I know on a Philips CD 442 290-2 Sir Colin and the LSO although I remember hearing a recording with the Concertgebouw and Haitink once. The gun's and roses, err, cannons are of course on Mercury, Minneapolis with Antal Dorati. A really great Pictures is on Sony, the Concertgebouw with Guilini which also has the Firebird. I have a special fondness, though, for the Cleveland with Szell on Columbia because in those days the percussionist was Clyde Duff; 6'-2", long snow-white hair and a deadpan expression that would have done justice to a hard throwing relief pitcher.