Recommended cheaper vintage SS Integrated Amps?

I’ve been pondering trying a vintage SS integrated amp for a while. Which brands *in general* aside from the obvious Sansui do you recommend, or specific models? Looking for that warm, mellow vintage sound I read about, which I know is very brand (or even down to model) specific

Three that I’ve found from a reputable vintage dealer are: Marantz 1070 (not recapped), Kenwood KA-3500 (recapped) and Pioneer SA-5800 (not recapped). Any thoughts on these? I know the Marantz 1070 is well liked but what about the other two?

Side question: should ca. 1970s amps be recapped? I’m getting different opinions on this but I would say yes given their age (electrolytics of this vintage aren’t nearly as robust as current ones)
I had a Sansui AU717 back in the day, great amp. If you want something "affordable", consider the lower models from the same line. An AU 317, 517 and etc. Unless you need the power, these sound great, too.
Not sure what defines "cheaper" these days but from what I see most vintage pieces worth their salt have steep price tags. As mentioned, many systems were based around receivers as well. The Marantz 22XX series are well respected and nice sounding (and looking). Luxman had some very nice integrateds, I owned an L-480 and really liked it though they are hard to find. As always with vintage, buyer beware. A lot of folks find grandpa's amp in the attic and automatically it becomes a vintage classic. Proceed with caution....
big fan of the pioneer sx 770 and onkyo tk 2500 mk2. that kenwood is good if it's anything like the 5700, but in my experience a recap job can sometimes affect that "mellow warmth" flavor, depending on what was used. if possible it would be good to test it out on whatever speakers you'll be using. just my .02, happy listening!
I still have my Sherwood S-7910 receiver, bought new. Still works great, 60 watts/channel.