Recommended CD of " Smooth Jazz "

Please,I need some recommended CD of "Smooth Jazz".Thanks
Ask for some "Real" Jazz recomendations. I actually recommend that noone listen to smooth jazz. I think they are going to a Surgeon Generals warning on all smooth jazz and Patricia Barber cd's later this month. That stuff is bad for you.

My apologies for being such an unbearable snoot!
Try any CD by any of the following:

Fourplay; David Sanborn (who played with Blood, Sweat, & Tears at one point); Richard Elliott; Jeff Lorber; Bony James; Icognito; Sade.
Here are five smooth jazz "classics": Breezin by George Benson, Duotones by Kenny G, The In Crowd by Ramsey Lewis, A Day in the Life by Wes Montgomery, and Mister Magic by Grover Washington, Jr. For more recent work, I would go with Rar1's list of artists. Enjoy!
I second the recommendation for Fourplay. Although I like all their discs, you may want to try their Greatest Hits. I just purchased Richard Elliots newest CD, Crush, and like that quite well, better than one of his earlier CD's I have.

If you don't like Smooth Jazz, please don't reply to this thread and mess it up as has happened in the past by those who don't like it. If you are so compelled to discuss your distaste, start your own thread, thanks.
Also check out anything by Holly Cole, Rick Braun, Chris Botti, Ottmar Liebert, George Howard, The Rippingtons, Najee, Warren Hill, Spyro Gyra,
Terence Blanchard-(Let's Get Lost), and Acoustic Alchemy. It's not jazz but I also guess that you'll probably like anything by Andreas Vollenweider, Jim Brickman and David Benoit.
Happy Listening
I need to correct a typeo, I said, "I just purchased Richard Elliots newest CD, Crush, and like that quite well, better than one of his earlier CD's I have.", I didn't mean to imply all Richards earlier CD's, but rather the one I own, City Speaks. City Speaks isn't bad, I just prefer Crush.

Chris Botti was mentioned above, I just purchased "Slowing Down the World", does anyone know if his latest CD is like this one as well as his first CD? I enjoy this CD, it is quite relaxing.
Fourplay-"Between the Sheets" comes to mind first.Acoustic Alchemy(earlier stuff).Rippingtons-"Sahara".Earl Klugh, Lee Ritenauer(I'm into guitar players).Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.Victor Wooten bass cd's.Can we say " yes, she's good looking too", Dianna Krall.
I don't know if they're specifically "smooth jazz" artists or not, but they sure sound SMOOTH to me: Jacintha "Autumn Leaves" on XRCD2-- the BEST CD I'VE EVER HEARD; Diana Krall "The Look of Love"; Shirley Horn "Ultimate", and Holly Cole "Temptations". The ballads on these CDs are fantastic. If you really like female vocals, you'll love these. Enjoy! Craig
If you can find(it's very hard but worth surfing ebay, Malcolm McLaren "Paris" you will enjoy the music to your "orjazzm".
Yes to all of the above plus add Ken Navarro to the list. Try his "Greatest Hits" Cd great guitar work along the same lines of Peter White.
Several good recommendations above, especially Holly Cole. I would add Michael Franks to the list, particularly Barefoot on the Beach.

I think I have every album/CD he has ever made. Been a fan for 20 years. Vocals are sometimes over-engineered for my taste, but sound quality is excellent and I love the music.
I assume you're new to jazz??? If so, why not become educated with real jazz -- Miles Davis, Jim Hall, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, etc. Listen to some big band stuff, too. So called "smooth jazz" is good instrumental music played by good musicians. But, it lacks the improvisational creativity and soulful musicianship that "real" jazz possesses.

Just my opinion . . .
Some of the 'Jazz for a Stormy Weekend' type of series are actually very credible artists such as Zoot Sims, Ben Webster, Blue Mitchell. The people compiling these series have simply sifted through material to present more palatable jazz to the uneducated public. It's still good stuff and can be a launching platform from which to delve more deeply into the genre.

You simply cannot slam people with later Coltrane and not have them reel back. Just stay completely away from
Kenny G....please.
Tom Scott and the LA Express, Bob James, David Sanborn, Sade,
Jeff Golub has some CD's I like. One of my favorites is David Benoit 1987-1995.
celtic66 hit it above....the "Jazz for..." series is very good and the best is "Jazz for when you are alone." I recommend it highly.