recommended cartridge under $300

I have a wilson benesch full circle with the act.5 arm, copland csa 14 integrated and martin logan aerius i's. i listen almost exclusively to acoustic jazz and unfortunately have run out of funds for a great cartridge for my analog deck. i do, however, have about $250-300 to spend on a decent (perhaps not great) cartridge. any input would be appreciated. among my shortlisted ones are the denon dl103r, grado sonata, goldring eroica. i'm looking in the used market (about 100 hours max usage if i find one). thoughts???
Audio Technica AT150MLX, over-achieving MM: $249-259 (J&R, LPGear)
Audio Technica ATOC9 II, LOMC: $299
Denon DL-301 II, LOMC: $299
Ortofon 2M Blue, very HO (7mV) MM: $199
Benz Micro MC20E2, moving coil cart available in low, medium, or high output: $199-250
Goldring high output moving magnet model 1022, $279.95 or Goldring 1042, $334.95 at KAB USA.

I have the AT150MLX and love it. Great tracking and detail, but with a musically cohesive whole. Replaceable stylus at $179.95. Goldring and Ortofon stylii replaceable too.
Dear Gemini: I concur with Johnnyb53 and according to your analog rig and music tastes IMHO the AT150MLX is a great choice.

Regards and enjoy the music.
07-11-08: Rauliruegas
Dear Gemini: ...according to your analog rig and music tastes IMHO the AT150MLX is a great choice.
Oh, yeah, *especially* for acoustic jazz. The AT150MLX just rocks on small-group acoustic music of any kind. I also love it for big band (Basie, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, Gene Krupa, Woody Herman, Harry James ...). For combo jazz I've used this cart to play back MJQ, Dave Brubeck, John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Keith Jarrett, LA Four, Count Basie and the Kansas City 6, etc.