Recommended cartridge for SME V arm

I'm looking for recommendations under $1,000. I primarily listen to jazz, with some loud rock, i.e. Neil Young.

My system is Avalon Eidolons, Sota table, small Goldmund electronics.

Reliability is important to me.

I appreciate your suggestions.

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If you are looking for a moving coil, I had excellent performance with a van den Hul Frog, which you can usually find used for under $1K. I also enjoyed a vdH TWO (hi output) for a long time in my SME V. But the Frog is a great cartridge for the kind of music you prefer.

I'm sure there are other good combos, as you are about to find out ;~))
Other good combos--yes!! I have a pal who runs the Benz LP Ebony in his SME V and finds the Benz likes the SME V much better than it likes the Graham Phantom. You might find that a Benz from a little lower in the lineup worked equally well in your arm.
My friend has the high end Clear Audio signature I think on his arm....pretty nice sounding.
Both great suggestions - I would add a dynavector 17D mkII to your considerations, it comes new for less than $1000, and works well with SME arms.
I have the SME V with the Benz LP and it is a perfect match. There is a great harmony in the pair.
I have the SME V with Benz LP and it is a great match, excellant tone quality and lots of depth to all of the tonal ranges

The ZYX Universe is wonderful on my SME V.
Dear Shaq: The Frog is a killer, very good one but with your tonearm and music priorities my advise is that you have to go for the Sumiko Celebration: this cartridge was voiced with your tonearm, highly recomended!!!!

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul I emailed you did you ever recieve it please?