Recommended cables for Accuphase?

Anyone any experience, or knowledge on what power cables are preferred by Accuphase. I'll be using a DP67 and an E408, both bought pre owned hence no dealer recommendation.

Any views would be greatly appreciated.

I used Cardas power cords and interconnects when I owned Accuphase. Worked well.
accuphase work wekk with a wide variety of cables....i use acrotech, a copper(made in japan)cable that is distributed by axiss (the accuphase distributer). van den hul(hybrid) was great as well.
Andypaulden, I'm in the same situation. I,m also looking for asome power cords for my Accuphase Amp and CD.
Never heard other cord than the stock cord that came with the equipments. So it's difficult for me to help you.
When you make your choice post here. Thanks in advance.
Great gear deserves great care.
A Kimber PK10 Palladium power cord works very well with my DP75V, along with Kubala-Sosna Emotion ICs. This is the best combo I found after some experimentaion (Cardas, etc.). The bass is tight & the highs are smooth & non-abrasive.
Have recently purchased E-530 amp and DP-67 player and i am in the same boat as you Andy.My nordost vishnu seem to be too lean and bright but that may be down to the jm lab electra 927 be speakers beryllium tweeters (brightness wise)
Its just a hunch but pure copper might be a better choice.
Please let us know how you are getting on.

I have an Accuphase E407 with arcam cd23 and uses Siltech sq 28 interlinks ( much silver in it) and have B&W 803D speaker which sounds great. Livingroom about 5m2 by 7m2. Bit difficult to give you a good advice, depends a lot what you prefer etc etc. What i have done is try out at least three cable-sets in your own situation etc.

Question from me:
I want to buy also a DP67 or the new arcam fmj36, can you say something about the dp67?

Thanks in advance,

Dolf Wagenaar
Hi Dolf,i dont think the arcam will be in the same league as the accuphase IMO.You can pick up a second hand DP-67 for a bargain price these days.
Try TMC Yellow Label. I used it with various Accuphase and recommended to friends and found them the best match.