Recommended British speakers for Creek 4330 Mark 2?

I bought a Creek 4330 Mark 2 integrated from around 1999 that does 40 wpc into 8 ohms. It’s in perfect condition and sounds great, amazingly so. I found a phono card for it so this will be dedicated to playing LPs.  What would be good British speakers that are more or less historically correct? I would love to get Epos because they were owned by Creek but am uncertain about which model would be best. I found Kef Q1s that seem ok but would like to go up a step in quality. Wharfedale reissues of their classics are tempting but am reluctant to get stuff made in China. I like to crank the volume a little now and then and this will be in a medium size room. Presumably efficiency is the main consideration here. Many thanks for ideas. 
spendors wharfedales kefs linns of that era would work well

epos tweeter metal, plays lil bright, not a great match with the lively top end of the creeks
Linn Kans would sound nice. I had a pair of Linn Index II speakers that worked great with a Creek 4140.
Any of the Spendor classic line are historically correct. FYI: The Epos are made in China!!

Epos’s Epic line of speakers are designed by Mike Creek’s team in the UK. They’re made in China, of course. At the moment, there are three Epics: a small minimonitor, the Epic 1; a larger stand-mount, the Epic 2; and a floorstander, the Epic 5. An Epic 4 is not forthcoming.
I came across some earlier Creeks that were made in England, an ES11 and 12. They had a good reputation in their time, in particular the 11. It's tough buying these old speakers because there is often something wrong. I found a pair and made a reasonable offer but the owner was very unpleasant. 

There is a later circa 2008 Epos M5i that is an improved version of the M5 of around 2005 but these are made in China. Yet they do look awfully nice but possibly the amp lacks sufficient power. There is a Wharfedale Linton retro model but then it's back to China. Linns and Spendors are hard to find and command a premium price. Creek just got bought out so no longer a Creek connection. This is my second system so I don't want to spend a fortune. It seems everyone wants BBC style monitors. 
i don’t really care where something is made... as long as it sounds good and you can get the product serviced/fixed when that is needed - performance/function is what matters

are we typing these posts on uk made computers and smart phones?
If you are set on buying a British made speaker for under a grand you will have to buy used. I have owned many Spendors and I think the Spendor 3/5 would fit the bill!
Ok I will look into it. I worked for a Chinese company and you don’t want to know....On the other hand they do beautiful cabinetwork and finish, the hallmarks of Chinese decorative arts. It works both ways—I would never by an English car like a Jaguar, Triumph, MG, Austin Healey, Morgan. I think Kef produces in Hong Kong at the same place for a while. But Spendor sounds great though it outclasses my humble old amp. I did have it hooked up to my Larsen 6.2s which are oddities but sound great.