Recommended Bookshelf Speakers $1200

I have a Bel Canto Evo 2i. Currently I have JM Lab 716S Chorus speakers and I need to go much smaller for new home. I'm looking for recommendations for a speaker that will perform well all around but my primary music choices are rock and reggae.

Also, I'm looking for a tech in Florida that can work on amps. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advace.

Warefedale Heritage 85 Series is worth a listen. Dentons are $1k two-ways. I love my open box 3-way Lintons at $1.1k, but they’re a bit big to be considered bookshelves.

My guess is that the OP likely found some speakers over the past 11 years. 

Dynaudio Emit 20 speakers are a great little speaker. Driving mine with an Arcam A-49 amp, 200 wpm.