Recommended Bookshelf Speakers $1200

I have a Bel Canto Evo 2i. Currently I have JM Lab 716S Chorus speakers and I need to go much smaller for new home. I'm looking for recommendations for a speaker that will perform well all around but my primary music choices are rock and reggae.

Also, I'm looking for a tech in Florida that can work on amps. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advace.
I just bought a pair of Paradigm Studio 20's and I've been impressed with now they handle rock and jazz, most of what I listen to.
Not sure if they are much smaller but i rock out with my Reference 3A de Capo's. There is a pair on here for 1050.00

very effiecent and dynamic at low levels
I know a tech in Hollywood Fl his name is Larry Weinstein tel 954-921-1408 they advertise in this website look up "Hollywood Sound" if you need more info.
I'm also looking to buy bookshelves w/stands.
Good luck
Dynaudio X12's, Stereophile co-budget product of the year last year.
Role Audio - Company based in NC.

Model= Sampan FTL. Peace of mind warranty.

Link =

I represent Role Audio.Email if more information is needed.
PMC (Professional Monitor Company), Sonus Faber Electa Amators (s/hand), could buy any Celestion you wanted, Totem Acoustics, B&W Silver Signature (be careful with equipment and cable matching here)...all second hand you should be able to find something in the bookshelf world here. good luck and pls keep us posted!
Check out the two models offered by Soundsmith. I heard them both at AXPONA in Atlanta and was floored by how well and deep (pun intended) they sounded. Were I in the market for bookshelves these would be at the top of my list. (At the show I heard them play jazz and Stevie Ray Vaughan - very nice!)
Thanks for all of the replies. There are a couple of local dealers here where I can audition a couple of the recommendations.
Wow, another Role Audio fan! Not sure if they will play loud enough for rock music though.

I would give Ascend Acoustics CBM 170 a listen. Don't rule them out just because they are cheap.
if you can stretch your budget a hundred or you should strongly consider the Shelby Kroll nano monitors. These aren't very well known but I assure you they will trounce anything in their price range. Tim may still have some B stock left over. Definitely worth checking out
For Rock and Reggae...Paradigm is right on man. Studio 20's are a great fit.

Nola Boxer, if you can stretch your budget to 1500.
Second the Boxer
Forgot to mention the Audience speaker I heard recently at the Show, $1000.
get a set of used totem arros. they are very slim and short floorstanders, but they will amaze you
Third on the Boxer. Very sweet midrange and surprising bass when placed correctly.
The Vapor Audio Breeze should be considered in that price range. Granted I'm the guy who builds them, but I hope the price point will encourage more people to hear what the RAAL has to offer. I just spent the better part of tonight listening to a pair with 2 audiophile friends and they were both blown away. One said they make his Sonus Cremona Auditor M's sound boring!
Seems more audiophiles are blown away than mafiosi.