Recommended amplifiers for bi-amping JBL XPL 200

Hello to all.
This is my first time posting in this forum. Would like your opinion on what amps would be good match to bi-amp my JBL XPL 200 speakers using the companion JBL DX-1 electronic crossover. I'm currently using a Harman Kardon PA 2400 for the lows and a Harman Kardon PA 2200 for the highs. Not really happy with the sound and feel that may be able to get a better amps to improve the sound. Was thinking of getting a Harman Kardon citation 7.1 and used in the bridged mode for the lows and maybe another amp like the HK citation 5.1 for the highs. Budget is limited to maybe 2K. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.