Recommended amp to drive Paradigm speakers

Seeking recommendations to drive the following:

-pair of Paradigm Studio 100s v2
-Paradigm center channel 470

Hello Chris,Check out my system,im using a CJ MF2500A that im very happy with,using V2s,the CJ sound may or not be for you ,im pretty happy !
I just sold mine and moved up the Belles line but the 150a hot rod is more than you might expect for 800. there is one 4sale now.
I used the EAD PM2000 for a 5.1 setup with very pleasing results
I myself use Bryston and so far I am pleased. When I was looking SimAudio was considered. Just as Bryston has PMC I believe Paradigm has Anthem.

Freakygreek, you are correct, Anthem is owned by Paradigm, so that is a natural choice. I'm personally using a musical fidelity integrated right now. I couldn't be happier with the synergy. I wouldn't have guessed it until I tried it. But I do like the sound.
I used a Rotel 100 Watt Amp for Studio 60's and had good results.
I used a McIntosh MC275 on the 4 ohm taps with excellant results for my Studio 100, V2 speakers.
Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks.
I used to drive Studio 100 V.2 and 3 with Anthem MCA-50. Paradigm's sound is on the bright side due to the metal dome tweeter, so is the Anthem (bright side of neutral).
On many less than perfect recordings, the sound was unbearable (to my ears). So, be careful matching Paradigms with Anthem gear.
Using a Denon 3805 with low end bi-amped by zone 3 output. Sounds great.
Denon 2803 receiver.
2 x ATI 602 amps running of the pre-out. Bi-wired and bi-amped into th V60.s
Sounds wonderful.
Bass is a bit weak but I'm not a big bass fan anyway. have a Paradigm PW2200 v.2 sub to help out when necessary.
My Studio 60 v2 powered by B&K tx4430, 3 x 200w/c with very good result. Being use in A/V setup with B&K ref30 all THX rated.
have similar set-up. i use a bryston 3bsst and 3b. sounds great.
I'm using an Adcom 555 running my S8 fronts. Plenty of power, good sound,not bright and they can be picked up at a very ggod price.