Recommended amp for Ohm Walsh Super 2's?

I just got a pair of Ohm Walsh Super 2's (Walsh 2 cabinets with the new S3 drivers) and I'm looking for recommendations for an amp/preamp combo (or integrated) to use to get the best out of < $1500.
Congrats on getting a pair of great sounding speakers. I have a pair also a pair of OHM F's. Use a DK Design integrated and this makes the speakers sing! Enjoy the music!
The Nuforce Ref9s also work very well with these speakers, enough power and speed to make wonderful music.
I also have the new Walsh Super 2's. After reading a lot, I just got tired of listening to my great speakers with such a sh*tty amp, so I jumped on the next good deal I found. Paid less than $500 on Audiogon for a 125 watt Parasound amp and matching preamp. The Ohms sound great now. I definitely recommend used gear and as much power as possible. Unless you're lucky, well-known brands like NAD have inflated used prices; you'll find better deals with slightly less-known brands like Parasound, Bryston, etc. I doubt you need to spend over a grand for a great amp and preamp. Hope that helps, let me know what you go with and how it sounds!
no actual experience with ohms...

Jungson Ja88d

superstable 80 W class A power integrated
or better a Jungson power amp with a better preamp.
the preamp part in the integrated is the weak part.

best current deliverer in your price range.
runs hot and needs a lot of electricity.