Recommended Amp for B&W cdm 9nt

I want to upgrade my amp. I would appreciate a recommendation on an amp to compliment the speakers. I'll use them for music 80% of time and movies the rest.
I recently purchased a McIntosh MC252 for my B&W CDM7NT's.
This 250 watt SS amp really has the power to drive the B&W's the way they were intended. These speakers need loads of current to really open up. The MAC amp is pretty neutral, with just a tad of tube lushness.
I would audition an MC252 or MC402 if you could swing it.
You didn't state your budget.
There are a lot of good amps in the "under 1k" category. McCormack dna 1-- Belles hot-rod-- Marsh 200 --Musical Fidelity--Gamut 100-- There are so many at/ below/ or just a taste above this 1k mark. You don't mention what U got now.