Recommended Amp for Acoustic Energy AE1 II

I currently have a Roksan integrated (80 wpc).
Will this be adequate?
Should I buy a Roksan basic amp and go passive bi-amp?
Does anyone have use these speakers and have a great recommendation?
Thanks for your help and responses.
I've heard my AE1 signatures on Roksan equipment and did not like it, to soft with no dynamics, (dynamics being a major strength of this speaker). I loved the AE1's on a Bryston 3bsst amp with a copland CTA 301 MkII tubed preamp, but didnt like the sound at all when Brystons BP25 preamp was used. Try to get a fast solid state amp, to maintain dynamics, with a neutral tubed preamp, to tame a bit of thinness or brightness that can be associated with this speaker, The tubed preamp will also produce the soundstaging that this speaker is capable of. You'll be in audio heaven.
I have a set of the original AE1's. I started out using an NAD 2600a amp and a NAD 1700 preamp-tuner. It sounded alright but they really sounded best when I changed to an Exposure XV integrated amp.In a very small room,listening in the nearfield, it was magical. The speakers just disappeared and left you with the music. The Exposure is only 40 WPC so your Roksan should have plenty of grunt. Just trust your own ears. Happy listening.