Recommended AES/EBU cables under 800 dollars

I am interested in recommendations for the best bang for the buck high end digital XLR cables, new or used. I have tried a few in the $300-400 range and have not been very happy with them. The best I have heard was an Audio Note Sogon. It was $750 used. Wondering what else might be out there.

Thanks for your advice.
I've recently seen several Kubala-Sosna XLR Emotion digital cables listed here on the 'Gon in your price range. IMHO: This is one of the better digital cables out there and I have tried many.
Thank you all very much for your responses, and thank you also to those of you who e-mailed me separately.

Sidssp -- of course this is the old debate on this forum that has occupied many, many lines of text about whether you get what you pay for in audio gear, and also whether expensive cables are worth the money versus Blue Jeans or similar budget cables.

Since you asked my opinion on this controversy, I'll answer by saying that in my experience in audio, more money doesn't always mean better, but it often does, and especially before you get to the extreme tail of super-expensive stuff.

As I noted in my post, I've tried some of the mid-priced cables and haven't thought much of them, whereas the $1100 Sogon, priced used at $750 sounded better to me. But note, that "under $800" can include anything under $800. So I don't think that I even stated that I believe more money equals better.
Buy the $30.00 BJC XLR cable.

Then put the $770 towards acoustic room treatments, more music, going to live concerts, personal savings, Roth IRA, charity, a little personal vacation, SLR digital camera, new pipes for your motorcycle, pay down mortgage, or whatever else that might provide enjoyment for you.
mit proline digital reference. it is a $1500 cable but you can get it in your range from joe abrams.
Actually, the list on the Photon is $1500. You just missed a 2m at MSS Hi-fi for $395

Harmonic Technology Cyberlight AES/EBU digital cable 2m XLR $395 (MSRP $1300) SOLD to Asia!