recommended acoustician in sf/bay area?

Can anyone recommend a good acoustician in the bay area? I'm looking to get our listening room set up by someone who knows what they are doing.

Just splurged on a pair of Dunlavy SC-V's fed by a Pass x350 + w4s dac-2 with upgrades. Really happy with the pure, clear sound coming from it now, but I assume when a pro handles room reflections & etc it will get even better.

Thank you!
I recommend Bob Hodas. Search web for more information. Since 1993 Bob has traveled the world tuning well over 1000 rooms. His clients include studio owners, producers, engineers and home set-up.
Try Nyal over at Acoustic Frontiers.... He is very well versed and is in the Bay area as well!
I would second Nyal, super good guy, very aware and truly professional.
Thanks so much for the recommendations -- I had wound up contacting Bob Hodas. Will check out Nyal too.

Happy listening!