Recommended acoustic recordings

My system is modest but excels with voices, solo instruments, and small ensembles. With that in mind, what Jazz, folk, or classical SACD/high-resolution discs would you recommend as among your favorites?
Jackson Browne-Solo Acoustic Volumes 1 & 2
She & Him Volumes 1 & 2
Alexi Murdoch, or just the soundtrack to "Away We Go", which is 90% Alexi Murdoch.
If you like Jackson Brown Volumes I & II, you'll love his new CD "Love Is Strange".
Check Atkins/Mark Knopfler Neck and Neck
virtually any Holly Cole
virtually any Diana Krall
Nirvana Unplugged
Any record featuring Eva Cassidy
Joan Baez "In Concert"
Sufjan Stevens "Seven Swans"

Not SACD but a pretty decent recording and one of my favorite albums of all time.
Jack Rose "Black Dirt Sessions"
Oliver Jones "Cookin' At the Sweet Basil"
Anat Cohen "Clarinet Work: Live At the Village Vanguard"
Second Eva Cassidy, especially the Songbird album on vinyl.
Opus 3 - Thorvald Fredin, "Concertos for Double Bass & Orchestra" SACD 8522 - classical music for orchestra and double bass by Bottesini, Erland von Koch and Lars-Erik Larsson. The Larsson piece is particularly fine.

If you don't know the recordings on the Opus 3 label, I encourage you to explore them. They are all acoustic and exceptionally well recorded with emphasis on getting a capturing the timbre of instruments and reproducing the original performance space as naturally as possible.
I have a bunch of Opus 3's, but not the ones recommended. I will explore those mentioned. Thank you for the responses everyone. A few examples of recordings that really shimmer on my simple setup (and most are regular RBCD's):

- The Florestan Trio, Debussy/Faure/Ravel

- Grieg, Peer Gynt, Sir Thomas Beecham

- Helge Lien Trio, hello Troll

- Julian Lage, Sounding Point

- Brian Bromberg, Wood

- Anouar Brahem, The Astounding Eyes of Rita
Norah Jones esp. her 1st two albums
Melody Gardot esp. My One and Only Thrill
Ben Harper esp. Disc 2 of Live on Mars
Lyle Lovett esp. I Love Everybody
"Telluride Sessions" by Strength in Numbers
"Migrations" The Duhks
"The Duhks" self titled
"Hotel Child" Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos
Four standard CDs that have great sound and great music.
There is electric guitar on "Hotel Child"
Muddy Waters: Folk Singer- SACD
Buddy Guy and Junior Wells: Alone and Acoustic
Crosby and Nash: Another Stoney Evening
Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall
All three of the Tone Poems at Acoustic Disks (

Acoustic Disks is chock full of great Acoustic music:
I recommend everything by Jerry Garcia, Martin Taylor and Doc Watson among many others here.
Charles Lloyd- Sangam on the ECM Label. Small Jazz combo that is sonically and musically astonishing. First rate recording!!Get this now.
You might try (sorry, not SACD):

Cat Power- Jukebox
Jose Gonzalez
Lisa Ekdahl- Back to Earth
Beck- Sea Change
M. Ward - Post War

These are more contemporary offerings, but you may find some of them interesting.
Paul Kelly, May 1992. Paul Kelly, A - Z.
All of Phil Keaggy unplugged from his electric gitair.
More great stuff from down under - try The Waifs Live (a brief history).

check it out
Hi Fromunda. I'm a big ECM fan from way back. I once saw CL in Big Sur. I like his Voice in the Night CD. IMO Manfred Eicher is a visionary and ECM's repertoire of artists cover the range of meditative, melancholic, reflective, and life-affirming emotions about as well as any genre outside of classical music/voice. There are very active ECM forums, but I'm guessing you know that already.
Hi Lokie. Not much for pop/rock music at all but do like some of the black blues. Agree, Alone & Acoustic is a good choice. When I was a youngster I had JW's It's My Life Baby LP and played it often to the dislike of my parents/neighbors. I enjoy intimate live club recordings with the sound of cash registers, doors closing and glasses tinkling in the background be they Bill Evans at the Vanguard or JW's at Pepper's Lounge. Love chamber music in intimate spaces, but of course outside of the occasional coughing, no disturbances permitted. I suppose you've heard JW's Hoodoo Man Blues re-release by Analogue Productions? It was good before, now it's great.
Ditto on Phil Keaggy. Incredible. Also Chet Atkins. John Fahey. Leo Kotte.
Po'Girl, "Home to You"

Crooked Still, "Shaken By a Low Sound"

Clarke, Van Zandt and others, "Heartworn Highways"

Cowboy Junkies, "Acoustic Junk"

For the first two, recordings better than adequate, for the second two, recordings very nice. All performances memorable.

Ed Gerhard - The Live Album
The new Shelby Lynne CD "Tears, Lies, and Alibis" is accoustic... and it's her best yet.
I'll second the Charles Lloyd recommendation of Fromunda's, and add another of his albums, "The Call," which features Bobo Stenson on piano, Anders Jormin on double-bass, Billy Hart on drums, and Charles Lloyd on tenor sax. Spectacular in every way.

In a slightly different vein, "Ojos Negros" (also on ECM) with Dino Saluzzi and Anja Lechner. I'm not much of a fan of the mish-mash that goes by the name of "world music," and this ISN'T world music, even though it combines the bandoleon and the cello. Give the tracks a listen on Amazon, and you'll see what I mean. Touching throughout.
Oh, and one more fantastic recording: Bill Evans and Monica Zetterlund's "Waltz for Debbie." Very obscure, and I only found out about it when I was going through Bill Evans' Complete Recordings on Verve, making a compilation cd of my favorites. Well, every song on this made the cut, and the recording itself is not to be believed. When I roll tubes, or want to show off my sound system, this is the album I go back to. You can barely find it, though Amazon has it available for preview here:

BTW, can someone tell me how to do that link thing, that allows you to post a link in a more economical way? I'm an old dog who hasn't learned that trick.
I would recommend almost any John Pizzarelli, or Acoustic Alchemy.
I'm not sure if "Tears. Lies and Alibis" has edged out "I Am Shelby Lynne" as my favorite, but it is damn good.
Just listening to Ry Cooder "Jazz". His 1978 recording is remastered and transferred nicely to cd. Various songs from church pieces to whorehouse jazz done in styles you might hear in pre Louis Armstrong New Orleans. Can't think of where you can hear anything like it, I really love this one.
Jerry Garcia-Pizza Tapes.