recommended 6922 tubes for a moderate price?

Hello fellow A'goners!
I'm new to tube rolling and have a modest budget, but want to try upgrading the driver tubes (6922's or their equivalents) for my Onix SP-3 integrated amp. I'm driving Vandersteen 2ce's and generally prefer blues, jazz, and classic rock. Hoping to improve that "live" quality and "3D" soundstaging. Would like to keep it under $100 a pair, but don't know how to navigate the world of tubes quite yet. Some of the prior info. may be irrelevant but any suggestions from wiser audiophile brethren is much appreciated! Thanks!
Its been awhile for me with the 6922 tubes but I do remmember going from Russian 6922 to Amperex 6922 and found a world of difference ( Audio Research sp11 mk2 ) in detail and all around musical sound vs. the Sovteks...No comparison..As far as price? They won't be cheap..
Check out Brent Jessie for clues,good luck,Bob
Try the JAN-Phillips 6922. It seems to be a very good value.
I bought mine from The Tube Store ( I assume it is available elsewhere, too.

You might try your luck on eBay, also.
Call Andy at Vintage Tube Services, I bought a pair of Japanese made 6922 from him that were very good. Plus, he tests the hell out of them so no duds.
All three mentioned above are good addresses to be trusted. I would be careful with eBay as a beginner.
I agree with the recommendation to contact Andy Bouwman at Vintage Tube
Services. When you're a tube newbee, researching tubes can be a minefield,
and it helps to have one trusted voice to hear. That's Andy. Tell him your
budget, the component that will utilize the tubes, and what sound you're
after, and he'll do his best to lead you in the right direction.

He'll sell you only the highest quality tubes. You won't need to be concerned
with noisy, weak cast-offs.

Otherwise, it becomes a little like tossing a dart at a wall full of well meaning

Also, Joe's Tube Lore is an excellent primer on 6922 tubes. Highly recommended reading.
I second the JAN-Phillips 6922 for a moderately priced option.

I also caution you with ebay. You'll find all sorts of unbelievable bargains like Bugle Boys for $30/pair, but you won't get any guarantee they're usable. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I had to learn the hard way. Now I only buy tubes from vendors with a good reputation. I've had good experiences with Doug's Tubes, Brent Jesse, the Tube Store and folks on Audiogon and Audio Asylum. I've heard good things about Andy at Vintage Tube Services.

Good luck.
I recommend giving Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio a call or e-mail. He has NEVER steered me wrong. I have bought MANY tubes from him, off of his suggestions.
The above mentioned names are very useful. I've used Jesse and Deal to good advantage. IMO, excellent NOS tubes as a driver at or around $100 would be Tungstram, Mitsubishi and Tesla, in that order. You'll hear a difference between them. Amperex, however, will probably be what you're looking for, but not at your price.
Another vote for the JAN-Phillips. Very inexpensive and very good quality.
Don't buy the modern remakes of mullards-they suck.
Golden Dragons are my favorite if you can find them.
You've gotten some good recommendations. I'll add the Russian 6h23eb to the list.
I'm a giant fan of the JAN Philips 6922 ... BUT they won't work well in some circuits. I had a CJ Premier 17LS2 linestage, put a new quad of these tubes in it, and all four of them immediately went microphonic in a MAJOR way. The very same tubes work fine in my Raysonic CD 128. Dave
Thanks so much gentlemen! I plan on heeding all advice given and checking with several of the websites recommended! And I appreciate the caveat emptor for ebay. Once I make a purchase I'll update this thread and let you all know the results.

Hope you all have a very merry and musical Christmas!