Recommended 5.1 processor + amp under 10k

After spending a great deal of time and money to upgrade my main 2 channel system, maybe it is time to plan the upgrade of my HT system that I have neglected for a long while.

Currently I use an old Krell HTS with the combo of KAV 250a and KAV250a/3. All info available under my "system".

The HT is used for 40% music and 60% movies.
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Jazzonthehudson (I like the sound of that). I've got some Lee Morgan playing right now !! There's literally a ton of choices out there for a new multi-channel amp and surround sound processor. So many choices !! I would expect you'll get a plethora of replies. For your budget, I'd stick with Krell products if at all possible. I wish that were my budget but I'm very happy with my Rotel MC amp and Integra surround sound processor combination for about $3K (both new within the past year). Speakers mostly B&W but surrounds are Monitor Audio. Love it. Let us know what you decide.
Nu Force AVP - 18

Killer all digital preamplifier / processor
Google the reviews

Convinced me to dump the Hi-end 7.1 discrete AV receiver / discrete ML speaker system route in favor of this preamp / processor and quality power amps 7.1 system, with my existing 2 channel system intregrated amp into the HT rig.

(Audio refinement 2 channel plus 3 channel power amps with REGA Osiris integrated amp driving the LF and RF
Have you thought about keeping your amps and getting a Krell Foundation for the processor?

***Krell dealer disclaimer
Ditto. Keep the amps; get the Foundation.
Thanks for the recommendations. Krell also advised me to keep the amps, maybe get them serviced and upgrade the processor. The Foundation offers more features than I need and I am wary about not licensing Audyssey. Will also look at Anthem and Classe.
Decided to go with NAD separates, bought demo units at a dealer and spend some good money upgrading the cabling system.

Have put the KAV250a and KAV250a/3 up for sale
Onkyo PR-SC5509 without a doubt, the modular chassis beats the Integra counterpart, also for modern features beats anything else. I use it with a Classe CP-700 on the fronts, the 2-channel balanced Marantz UD9004 feeding straight to the CP700, and the 7.1 single ended King Cobras in bypass through the Onkyo, decoded superlatively again in the UD9004. The beauty of the CP700 is that it allows passive biamping of fronts on my PR Signature 8 v2 system, for which the two monoblock construction Sherbourn 5/1500A amps do well. Of course these amps are the weak point, looking to to get Classe 100lb monoblocks for the stereo, but OMFG, I will need speaker switchers, so keeping it simple for now. The CP700 breathes life in all sources as it operates in passive line level mode when the PR-SC5509 is on, further widening and claryfying the front stage in that neutral Classe way that is so great.
I would try out all the ones with room correction software and EQ and buy the one that sounds best.

For example, Audyssey XT32 + dual Sub EQ + Dynamic EQ.

Or Anthem ARC or Trinnov, etc.

I would not buy anything that does not have some kind of advanced EQ. You never know when you need it.

I've been through comparing Direct/Bypass vs. EQ, and EQ won.
Ya see how "down-grade-able" HT is?!!! This thread started out discussing BEST sound under $10,000. ..THE MAN ENDED UP SPENDING THOUSANDS LESS ON N. A. D.!!!! -enough said!

All anyone really needs for home theater is clear, detailed, dynamic sound from a processor and amp with enough power to adequately driver the sensitivity and efficiency of your loud speakers you chose! ..All that "air" and "soundstaging" and last ounce of refinement of midrange, and all, can be left to the audiophile 2 channel tweakers!
No, really, ..coulda opted for JVC receiver and whatever 5 channel amp floats your speakers for a baragin off craigslist! Let's be honest. lol :-)
Another path to consider is integrating HT sound with the music system. I use an Oppo BDP-105 as the source for Blu-ray and DirecTV HD-DVR. Analog stereo from the Oppo goes through a Parasound JC-2 preamp to Proceed HPA amps that drive a pair of KEF Reference 107/2s. Surround from the Oppo goes directly the HPA amps that drive KEF Reference 102s. SW goes to a pair of Velodyne SMS-1s that manage a pair of HGS-15s. For stereo music the JC-2 is switched from the Oppo to an Ayre C-5xeMP or JC-3 phono stage. The SMS-1s provide acoustic room correction for the critical LFs.

Thanks for the recommendations, except for the snide comments from Avgoround who trolls just this section of the forum. Mind you I am deploying decent cabling such as High Fidelity Cables and isolation like Stillpoints Ultra SS resulting in, IME, a much better value proposition.

The NAD T-187 sounds pretty good with the KAV250a and KAV250a/3, decoding everything blissfully well and the change before and after room correction is very noticeable. I am still evaluating multi channel amps.

I have 3 systems of which the HT system is mostly just for movies so have spent most in the 2 channel system. If I could merge the music and HT, I would certainly do. Maybe when I move and build a dedicated music room.