recommended 24bit/96Khz downloads?

I see 24bit/96kHz "studio master" albums available for sale and download on for about $30/pop.

Can anyone recommend good titles they've heard that might serve as a good sample of what the 24bit/96khz format can deliver both sound and performance-wise?
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The Norwegian company 2L had some free samples available in various resolutions on its site a few months ago. Can't find them there now. I downloaded a couple of classical pieces at the time and they were enough to make me feel very optimistic about the future of high-quality sound.

I don't know if Linn will let you listen to samples or download individual tracks, so you can choose music you like. You can do this at 2L.

I'm sure whatever you eventually choose will impress you with its sound quality.
I can't help answer your question about the Linn downloads, but I do have the 'Catherine King and Jacob Heringman - Airs De Cour' from the Linn label as a cd and not a download, I really like the sound quality of it.