Recommendations- Tuner/Preamp w/ pwrCkt

Hello everyone. I need to get a high quality tuner and preamp for the bedroom system. I would prefer a 1 box solution as there is just no space in there for separates. Also need the tuner/preamp to have the capability to turn on a power amp either via a 12 volt trigger or via a switched outlet. Oh yeah, also need a remote control. Does such a product exist? (Don't want a receiver or integrated, as I am liking the amp too much to get rid of it.)

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John- Don't discount the sonics of the B&K tuner/pre/proc units. Obviously, you won't be using the HT processor in your application, but even the older AVP-1030, or newer Ref 10/20 units produce amazing stereo quality at the price (far better than their amps I've found). I found the B&K to be preferable to all of the other units mentioned above. Just MHO. Goodluck.