Recommendations- Tuner/Preamp w/ pwrCkt

Hello everyone. I need to get a high quality tuner and preamp for the bedroom system. I would prefer a 1 box solution as there is just no space in there for separates. Also need the tuner/preamp to have the capability to turn on a power amp either via a 12 volt trigger or via a switched outlet. Oh yeah, also need a remote control. Does such a product exist? (Don't want a receiver or integrated, as I am liking the amp too much to get rid of it.)

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A few years ago, I had a Hafler 945 pre/tuner combo with all the specs you described. A nice little unit and I have spent enormous sums of money upgrading since then, but with very small incremental returns. One could easily be forgiven for bypassing these incremental returns, especially when the cost of obtaining something noticeably better is so much higher. FYI: I sold it to a friend for a couple hundred bucks. I think he is again upgrading and may be willing to part with it if you are interested. Good luck!