Recommendations to drive Dynaudio Special 25

I am currently using a Rogue 88 Magnum but looking to upgrade. Any suggestions?


I own a Plinius 9200 and currently use it with Dynaudio S3.4's and Dali Euphonia MS4s, and owned prior Plinius 8200mkII with Dynaudio Special25, and owned prior Plinius 8200mkI with Dynaudio 1.3SE's; all having wonderful results. The Plinius 'sound' and the demands of the Dynaudio usually mate very well, and I've always found quite a bit of synergy when pairing those two brands. Enjoy the Special25 it's a great singer.

I've heard the good things about the Hovland Sapphire with the special 25's. Especially if you want to move to the HP 100 for a line stage.
VAC small tube amp (EL34 or EL84) can drives Dyna 25 Special very well.
I heard the S25 with Sim Audio's W6 monos at the Last Montreal Audio show. They sounded very controled and detailed. At shows its hard to differentiate what really sounds good and what does not but suffice it to say under these 'not ideal' conditions the match up sounded amazing so I can imagine under ideal conditions. IMO Sim and Dynaudio are one of the best match ups in the audio world. Sim Audio is even a major distributor of Dynaudio in NA, wonder why?

good listening.
Also consider Plinius 100MkIII, Dynaudios love lots of current.
I have listened to it using Quad 909 power amplifiers, and I really liked what I have heard. I already bought a pair of Special 25, and currently consider buying Quad CD-P and Quad 909.

Happy listening,