Recommendations/thoughts on power for Quad 12L2s

Currently using a 50w NAD C 326BEE Integrated Amplifier. I am ecstatic with what I have because it was such a huge step up from what I had. You all know the ending: I now hear so much more of the music I thought I knew. (A night randomly surfing the web and finding Augdiogon pulled me into this new hobby.)

Based on my readings of the Audiogon forums, I am thinking of upgrading power. The practical side of me says keep it simple and get a Quad amp and then preamp. The other side that reads these forum discussions says some group of Quad owners had figured out the magical pairing.

I mostly listen to roots rock, Grateful Dead and Jazz. Price point is under $1500.

Any recommendation or comment is most welcome.
I would sit tight with what you have until you get out and hear other systems.
Also I am not sure which Quad amps you want. If it is the tube amps you seek then perhaps you are on to something. I love tube power but most people take a little time before moving away from their initial power. By that I mean they may tweak their sources and such.
Quad 909/99 combo listed on Gon
Thank you for the advice. Much appreciated.
Not a fan of the Quad 99 preamp. The 909 is a great power amp. I am currently driving a pair of 11L Classics with a Bryston 3BST, and they love it. I would definitely suggest a powerful solid state amp like the Bryston, or maybe the Parasound Halo A21. Depending on your needs, a simple passive preamp might work (I have a Goldpoint) and won't break the rest of your bank.
I upgraded from a NAD integrated in steps. The Quads love power. I suggest that you find a used Parasound A21 used on and use the pre-out from the integrated to connect the A21. What I mean is - use the NAD as preamplifier and A21 as power amp. The first 10 Watts of Class A from Parasound will mesmerize you, if the NAD made you ecstatic :-) I started with the upgrade by using the NAD as power amp, with the TVC as preamp.
One more point - the Quads require a bit of toe-in. Try to use a equilateral triangle setup and you will be amazed by the setup with these Quads. Good luck.