Recommendations Speaker Cable For Dynaudio S3.4LE

Any owner of Dynaudio S3.4LE, what is your recommendations for the speaker cable?
Hi, what electronics are you using?  The following were recommended to me; Acoustic Zen, Cardas and Purist Audio Design.  I've also seen many use Nordost with their Dyns as well.  Nordost and Naim seem to have a nice synergy with Dynaudio.  I went with Cardas to try with my s3.4le and Belles integrated amp.

Keep us posted on the route you take.  Best.......

I had, at one time, Dynaudio Contour 5.4's, that worked well with Synergistic Research cables. Call The Cable Co; ask them what they recommend. They have a large lending library, you can try before you buy.

Good luck,
@islandmandan ..Thanks Dan.  The Cable Co. did recommend those cables based on the Dyns and Belles.  

Not to hijack this thread, but I'm much like you as I've gone from Tannoy to Dynaudio, but feel I may have Tannoys again in the future!  Would really like to get Turnberrys or Kensington someday.



I loved my Dynaudio's, and thought I'd never get rid of them, but a couple of things conspired against my keeping them. One was a great curiosity regarding tube amps, which the Dyn's were not really suited for, and the other, a feeling of unfinished business with Tannoy's. I had lost my Tannoy speakers due to an unfortunate turn in my personal life, and had never been totally happy with my DIY execution of 12" MG's in homemade plywood cabinets.

I sold my 5.4's, bought some 12" HPD drivers from Ebay UK, and set about building the best custom cabinets, crossovers, and even put new woofer cones with custom hard edge surrounds, as in the current Prestige series drivers.

The result is something far and away superior to what the Contour 5.4s ever were. I'm set for life now, for however long that may be.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


look into Cardas. What other gear, including cabling, is in your system?
Tara labs only.