Recommendations please for close-to-wall book-shel

I am converting my garage into a study/sunroom.
I have a Cairn Fog 2 CDP and Cairn 4808A Integrated Amp.
What book shelf-shelf speakers (no stands) will do well close to wall - no more than a foot out.
And going down to 50-55hz?

Is this possible?
I'd appreciate your thoughts.

I would suggest a front ported speaker or a sealed cabinet. Stay away from rear ports.
Linn Tukans go close to the wall, and may make it down to 55. Might be more like 60. Not very expensive ($350).
Von Schweikert VR-1s. I have them in a 12" deep bookshelf (not my idea, a compromise with the spouse) and the imaging and width of the soundscape is wonderful. There is a small "port" on the back described by Von Schweikert as pressure relief. It doesn't act as a port. I am very happy with them. $999.
Soliloquy SAt 5 should fit the bill. I use 2 for surrounds in my HT, but they are actually decent as mains suprisingly.
Depending on your budget, the Ultimate Monitor by AudioMachina is worth checking out.
Hi Eril, what about single driver" full range" systems like CarolinaAudio JSM [ jordan module ] , or Qmega Super3 and grande 6 [ fostex ], or bass reflex " minimonitor " from Common Sense Audio [ w/ fostex, lowther, or Audio Nirvana ], the purity of single driver systems is addictive and should be a very good match for the Cairns. Just a thought, good luck, there are a zillion choices! Thanks for reading, Alan
Some Linn's. Some Klipsch's.