Recommendations on Wall Mount HT Speakers

New family room...too small for floor standing speakers, so will need to go to a wall mount speaker (currently have Paradigm Studio 60s and matching center channel.

Any recommendations on wall mount HT speakers? Budget is about $2000 to $2500. I plan to use my existing Paradigm Seismic 10 sub.

Magnepan internet direct speaker system is on wall and can be had for under $1500 entire system. I used them and liked them alot for the money, they swing away when in use or not in use and come in black or white.
Thanks...looked at those but I really don't like the idea of speakers that fold out.

Any other thoughts?
Boston Accoustics, Martin Logan Vignette or Ticket on walls, all look pretty cool on the wall........cheers
I have the top of the line Niles inwall speakers which sound pretty amazing for the money and you can see pictures of them in my system thread.

For an on-wall the Vandersteen's are extremely dynamic.
Sorry to go off topic, but thanks to Cytocycle for directing me to his two system threads for a look.

Great looking systems and wonderful photography.
Vandersteen is a favorite of mine too but I dont know if 2500 bucks will get you five or seven units.
Sound By Singer, famous NY hi-fi dealer deals in James Loudspeakers. I've installed a set at an upscale client's home, to very good effect. I think they were the 83-ow(on wall) models, plus matching center.
We built brackets that "angled in" the speakers, and made the speakers look flush on the wall. The speakers have tonality adjustment for different acoustic environments and mouting options, if I remember correctly.
worth looking into for a higher end performing speaker
I got the B&W in ceiling.. cant go wrong with a REL sub. At least take a listen.
Some of these are near your budget and are our personal favorites we sell: Sunfire CRM Trio, Dynaudio 42Sat's or Dynaudio Contour SR's, Triad Onwall Bronze.