Recommendations on Turntable for under $1k

I have recently been entertaining getting a turntable when I upgrade my system. I plan to have the parasound jc2 pre-amp and either parasound a21 or jc1 monos (money constraints will decide). I would would be using either vandy quatros or 5’s. I have no problem with used equipment. What would I need to use the turntable and what would you recommend. The turntable would be mainly playing rock and some jazz as that is what I have on vinyl. Thanks and look forward to your inputs.

Joe in Mobile
Rega,Pro-Ject, Music Hall if new.Could get VPI Scout used for a bit more $$$ ($1200 for an $1800 deck).Remember the cartridge will make difference and a Denon DL-103 MC (if you have a MC as opposed to just MM section).Grado Gold etc.Lot's of possibilities with older decks like an Linn LP12,Thorens or a direct drive deck as opposed to belt drive.But you might need to repair or keep up older rig.Given how killer your stereo will sound I would put more into budget and start to by the fine re-issues of stuff that's coming out during this vinyl renaissance.
You will get numerous opinions most if not all will be bonifide and this question has been often asked at a place such as this. I'll give you mine based on what I know and own (KAB modded Technics SL-1200MKII).

I reccommend that you go to KAB USA website. Kevin (the owner) has a long tradition of supplying the venerable Technics SL-1200mkII series of turntables. Go and read about this table at his site. I'd easily recommend that you pick up one of the models listed and look at adding some KAB mods to it. I'd suggest these.

1: Unless you buy the T.O.T.L. SL-1200MG5 which already has better arm wire, have Kevin rewire the arm with Cardas wire.

2: For the money you want to spend look at getting the out board power supply

3: You can at the same time or later on add the fluid arm damper.

IMO you will not find a better turntable for the money. With the SL-1200MKII series you get 30 yrs of Technics R&D engineering and manufacturing. You get the most stable drive system available to the typical consumer with the Quartz lock direct drive setup. You get a very decent tone arm, don't let anyone tell you its a let down, they dont know what their are talking about. It's arm is easily as good as any turnable under $1500 with another arm. The setup allows you to adjust VTA (vertical tracking angle) simply by turning up a ring like you'd turn a camera lens focus ring.

You get, especially with the KAB mods noted here a killer turntable for around $1000 and you'd be hard to beat that with any other choice. You may have to wait a while for Kevin to finish with the mods but it will be worth the wait in the end IMO.

OBTW with the detachable head shell you will find mounting cartridges to be much easier and if you wish you can buy extra head shells and other cartridges to swap out as needed. Oh and again don't let the blathering class (often dressed as so called [uber] audiophiles, IMO guys often with a superiority complex) tell you a detachable head shell is a break in the strength of the arm and thus a weak point. In theoretical truth it's weak point but in reality the standard bayonet mount engineered on the S shape tone arm is as ridged as you will ever need. It's not supporting a truck's weight.

I second the KAB Technics. It's not generally regarded as an "audiophile" product, but the KAB-modified Technics offers a solid table that is compatible with a wide range of cartridges, and can further be upgraded by KAB if desired.

I had a Project table prior to that, and a Music Hall MMF-5 prior to that, and the KAB-Technics with a Denon Dl-103 Technics destroyed both of those for sound.

Just to offer another opinion, I believe it is possible to double your value on the used market here on A'gon. Personally, I like to buy from members here who have excellent feedback and who also contribute in the forums. And there are some dealers who sell demos from time time. But what else do you need besides just a table? Do you mean a turn-key table? Arm and cart included? I think this is what you mean. However I would also ask what do you have for a phonostage or separate phono amp?
What I am asking is what complete turntable system would you recommend? I have not used a turntable in years and that was just the typical low budget deal. What would y’all recommend other than the system I mentioned? thanks again.

Joe in Mobile
I have an Audio Note TT1, Arm 1 and IQ2 cartridge and really like it. It tracks well is vibrant and really open and detailed. If you could find the same thing used it would be about $1000.00.
You are talking about a turntable for some very good speakers and associated system, so here are three suggestions:

1. Linn Sondek LP-12 (preferrably with Valhalla and Cirkus mods/revisions) and Ittok LVII tone arm
2. Thorens TD-125 MkII with SME 3009 S2 tone arm
3. Technics SL-120 and SME 3009 S2

It would take some looking to find these in used but excellent condition but they could be found; all 3 could provide excellent turntable and tone arm performance and with some good shopping could be done for $1k or less (the Linn would be the toughest to meet your budget but might be doable).

If you need a cartridge to fit within this budget it would be tougher but it might still be doable. You should probably pick the cartridge first to make sure it will work with the tone arm or you could start with these tt/ta combinations and live with whatever cartridge fits in your budget for now. Many people will have opinions on cartridges, it is a topic for another thread - including MC or MM. MC will be easier on your budget but there are some strong MC cartridges out there.

PS, if you haven't tried any Bill Evans LPs, track down a copy of his albums, including Qunitessence - you will enjoy the jazz
The first responder with the mention of the Rega, Project, and Music Hall had it right for a newbie.
The Rega, Music Hall, and Project tables can come complete, with a decent cartridge that is appropriate for the turntable already installed.
Just go to Audio Advisor, or Music Direct, to look. (If a Rega dealer is in your area, you would need to buy it from them. A 10% off list deal is practically mandatory for a price).and see which of the three brands appeals to you. And just buy it new.
(I would recommend IMO buy the Rega P3-24. The Rega 3-24 has a great arm the 301. The Rega I got for free was a good choice 25 years ago, and is still a nice TT) I just bought a new Rega P5 with a Benz Glider. ($2.5K)
Music hall MF 5.1 is about $850 including cart it is good too. it just does not have the history of the Rega.
Just wondering about his response, "However I would also ask what do you have for a phonostage or separate phono amp?” Would I need a separate phono amp or phonostage when using the parasound jc2 preamp?

Joe in Mobile
Yes, you would need a separate phono stage. The Parasound JC2 is a line-level pre-amp only, and does not contain a phono input. (Many modern preamps don't contain a phono input. The additional required circuitry adds to the cost and many people no longer have turntables.)

A decent phono stage can be had for a couple hundred bucks. Of course, they can go as high as $+10k for state of the art stuff. Search the classifieds for phono pre-amps (it's a category unto itself).