Recommendations on Toslink cable

Hi, I am planning to buy a toslink cable, the amount I am ready to spend is under $80. If you've had experiences with this kind of cables, I would very much appreciate your suggestions. I am planning to use it between Slim Device Squeezebox2 and Benchmark DAC1. Thanks in advance!
About the only thing you do not want to do is buy plastic. Get glass. $80.00 is not a lot of money. However you can get a really good used cable on Audiogon for that kind of money. Check the seller's feedback; the last thing you want is a cable that has been moved around alot.

I suggest you contact people have good used products and they have a cable lending library so you can demo some brands and, yes there is a subtle differance between them.
Try the glass toslink from captnstarstripe who advertizes here and on ebay. I use one of these and it's terrific. About $30 for a one meter as I recall.
If you check the archives, I think you'll find many of us recommend the VDH Opticoupler.
I second Elgordo. I have 2 of them in my HT system. It was almost like I turned up the volume. Better clarity that the junk I was using. especially in the center channel
I suggest you avoid Toslink if at all possible. Worst possible interface. If you must PS Audio makes a high quality glass cable.
vdH optocoupler is one of, If not THE best TosLink cable available.