Recommendations on table

I know this question has been asked a million times but I would like to hear recommendations on an analog set-up from you guys. I would like the analog rig to work with both of my systems. My tube rig has no phono stage so I will need a recommendation on this as well. I would like to purchase used gear and keep my budget at or below $500. If this makes any difference, I listen to Jazz, downtempo & experimental style music.

System 1
BPT conditioner
Sunfire Ref pre w/mm/mc built in
Odyssey Khartago amp
Norh CD1
Zu IC's & Cat5 wires
Selah Audio Chalcedony 4-ways

Bedroom System 2.
Dared VP20 16w monos
Dared SL2000A pre
Cryotweak Silver wires
Zu IC's
Cain & Cain Abby

Thanks for any advice
"Thanks again for taking the time to help's great not to have
to go it alone with a new table/arm...hopefully it will my last for
awhile...BTW--great recommendation on the SL. I've had a Linn, Denon,
Rega, two Thorens, a Music Hall, Luxman and a Dual and the SL-1200 is
the best by far. On one hand, I wish I bought it years ago...on the
other hand, I'd never have been fully able to appreciate it had I not
wasted so much money on's really amazing more people don't
appreciate this 'table..."

From a recent e-mail.