Recommendations on stuff to look at for upgrading a 300B SET amp

I built an Elekit 300B SET amp with tons of upgrades (e.g. Mudorf caps, Takman resistors, Lundhaul power supplies and output transformers, etc.).  I love the amp but I wanted to increase power from 8w a side to 16-25 while staying in the SET camp.  I'm just starting the process of brainstorming. I was thinking of 300B monoblocks,
845 tube integrated or similar.  I want to stay under $5k and would need to sell some stuff--I have a wonderful Primaluna HP integrated with a good chunk of tubes to sell if I did this. I love that amp too but I don't need the power with horn loudspeakers and found the 300B a better match.  

Here are some off the head thoughts:
Manley 300B monoblocks (have to be used to make budget)
Line Magnetic 
Bottlehead 300B monoblock kit

I can do an integrated (but if it's an integrated I prefer a remote) or standalone amps and run them with a Schitt Freya I have for now.  Any advice will be appreciated in my research!  

+1 on the ANK Interstage Monos!  Also agree with looking for a higher efficient speaker to match a lower watt 300b.
Check these horns out:
@oldtech0,  who is building those Parallel Single Ended amps for you?  I'd love to check them out.
Seriously, if you want to continue using SET amps, consider a more efficient speaker. You'll get a lot more mileage for your dollar.
Dennis Had.  You can find him on the bay.  Just search for him.
@jbhiller Any updates on your audition of the LM amps?