Recommendations on mid-fi speakers

Hi folks,

I'm just getting into decent audio, and want a pair of nice but not terribly expensive floorstanding speakers. Below is a list of some I've encountered, and I'd be grateful for any comments, advice, warnings.

A bit more about my audio situation:

-- the arrangement of the living room where these will be placed makes it almost impossible to create a convenional triangular sweetspot for listening. So I need speakers that will sound good from several different places in the room.

--I need speakers that work for more serious listening with musical friends, as well as for "family listening" (that is, hanging out with my wife, listening at low-to-moderate volume).

--I do have a Roksan Kandy amp and CD player in my other system that may eventually be used with these speakers. But until I get a decent integrated amp for the living room, I need speakers that aren't completely intolerant of being driven by a mass-market receiver.

-- We listen to classical and classic rock (most of it not heavy) in roughly equal proportions.

Here are the choices I've come up with. Thanks for any thoughts....

Totem Arro
Axiom M80ti
Quad 21L
Pinnacle BD1000
PSB Image 7T
Vienna Acoustics Bach
Castle Howard
Opera Terza
Epos M15
Kirksaeter Silverline 220
Role Audio Enterprise
Swan 5.2
Soliloquy 5.3
unless you can arrange a "triangular" listening set-up- save your money- get something cheap with decent range-maybe from Radio shack etc or some old Advents klh etc...
Your list i wouldn't exactly call mid-fi, but rather the "entry level". First choice Totem Arro. Unsuspecting quality of bass from the narrow, beautifuly designed enclosure, only maybe rivaled by Opera and Vienna. Quality in (Dynaudio mid/woofer) and out. Toss-up between these three, although heard great things about Castle, offered at 50%OFF, worth checking out.
I would agree with above comment - your list represents 'entry level' which is a good place to start.
Take a look at a used/demo pr of Von Schweikert VR2 - there is a review at - there is a audio dealer (Canadian Hi Fi) on Audiogon selling the Quad line at great prices. There is a pratically new pr of the Totem Arro on Audiogon for $750.00 - excellent price and I hear it's a good speaker. I agree with the statement about Opera and Vienna - can't go wrong with any of them.
Best of luck
i agree with the 2 responses above. I use a pair of arro's in my den and they are amazing small speakers. actually, these speakers sound better than many other vendors more expensive speakers.
Your primary list contains good speakers, although with different qualities. First, it is important to understand that no speaker is perfect, but of course if you are willing to spend a lot of money you get closer to perfection. Although I have extremely expensive system, I think that with patient, experience and the understanding that you will get very good sound, but not perfect, you can have a great system that is relatively inexpensive. I mostly listen to classical music and jazz, so the main features that I'm looking for in speakers is a very natural, detailed and refined midrange and treble, and a good mid-bass and bass. Speakers that I’m familiar with and posses these feature are: Vienna Acoustic, Montana (PBN) and Spendor. Among them the Montana is the best sounding in respect to the features I mentioned. Specifically, I listed reasonably priced load speakers. In no more then $3000, you can find speakers that would satisfy any audiophile that is willing to compromise on the very bottom bass, that anyway one could not get for speakers that cost less then 10K.
I would suggest adding another speaker line to audition ... Vandersteen - maybe the 2's?
The one speaker I think you should add to your list for audition is the Vandersteen 2CE Signature, which is one of the true high-end audio values.
I would vote for the Soliloquy 5.3. Very musical speaker that is somewhat forgiving of electronics. Can be driven by tubes or solid state. Nice looking as well. Word is that the new Soliloquy models are coming out in Jan so discounts available.
Correction: The Totem Arro uses a custom Peerless CSX woofer.
Great speaker!
Snell E/III's. One for sale right now here for $400 OBO in walnut. Beautiful sounding speaker. Easy load on amp. (A lot less than other spks on your list and I'd get these in a heartbeat, especially for the price, over any spk. on your list.) Other possible choices to consider, Mission Freedom 752/753.
Maybe you should try to determine what speaker design elements suit you rather than focusing on price. I've learned that I highly prefer speakers with first-order crossovers. Others just don't sound "right" to me.

Speakers like the Martin-logan CLS (which have no crossovers) sound even better but don't do extreme dynamics very well -this may not be a concern if you don't listen to rock or large scale classical.

Maybe you're an apartment "dweller" and need a speaker that sounds better at low volumes -consider a dipole design.

Knowing what you want will save you spins on the upgrade merry-go-round...
Hmmm...I could have swear that Totem exlusively used Dynaudio. Thanks for the clarification though.
They actually use Seas, ScanSpeak, Peerless, etc.

Totem used to use dynaudio....they have subsequently changed to other danish makers such as seas,etc.....
Try Dynaudio Audience series. They all great for the money,
if not the best

Good Luck!
Here's my somewhat off the wall suggestion.
The best mid-fi speakers I've heard are KEF Q series, particularly the Q-7. Side by side, A/B agaisnt my B&W N802s I was shocked at how well they held their own.

I suggest you consider the Tyler Acoustics line.

I've owned both Taylo and Linbrook models.

Top notch drivers and crossover parts, impeccably inert cabinets, gorgeous veneers.

Made by a super guy who will let you trade up as your budget later allows.

Ty's speakers hold their own with all other comparably sized speakers I've heard, and at a far lower cost.

Check out his auctions. A pair of Taylo monitors is currently available.