Recommendations on a power regenerator?

I currently have a BPT 3.5 ultra which does a great job. I had a PS Audio Power Director running with it and would notice significant voltage fluctuations. I have also been instructed to simplify my HT; therefore I want to get one piece that does it all. Balanced power, voltage regulation, and surge protection. I have narrowed to the PurePower 2000 and the PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant 5 or 10. The APC S20BLK is also an option, but I am not sure if this does what I want. I can't tell from the website. Does anyone have any recs or other options?
I am currently running a Verastarr ssa-64 amp, a rotel 976 bridged for the rear surround channels and will also have a dvd player, a cable box, a WII or XBox 360 and a preamp/processor connected. Currently I have a DVDO I Scan Duo doing the upscaling and switching which I was going to replace with the pre/pro. I am currently thinking the Marantz AV7005.Thanks for any input.
The PS Audio P5 is a great value
I have used the Pure Power 1050 for several years. I have had no break down problems and it has made a real difference to my system.
Two out of Three.
I love the PS Audio P5.
I have a medical grade isolation transformer that cost only $350 and you can get them for less. It gives stunning results. I believe balanced may not be necessary in spite of all the built-in assumptions about it which are self-serving.
Where does one get a medical grade transformer and what kind and size should one buy?