Recommendations on a passive preamp

I'm currently considering:

Creek OBH-22
FT Audio LW1S2

I only need 3 inputs, but 2 outputs are important as I bi-amp my Innersound ISIS with Sonic Frontiers Power 2 and an ADCOM GFA 5800

I use a Placette Passive with excellent results. It has 3 inputs and two outputs. You might want to consider it.


I'm not the seller, but I saw this ad.

Actually, now that I read that ad a little closer, that may be the RVC, which is only a one in/one out device. But you can check the Placette site that is linked to the ad to read about the Placette linestage with 3 in/2 out.

Sorry for any confusion.
Depending on your budget and your preference for a resistor-based or transformer-based passive you may want to consider:

Space Tech Labs
Welborne Labs
Electra Print

All of the above will let you have as many inputs and outputs that you require. I just recently went through this process and in addition to those above, looked into the Placette, Reference Line, Luminous, and Bent Audio. In the end I decided to have a TVC built for me by Kevin Carter at K&K Audio that uses S&B transformers. This will run higher in cost than those you listed and some of those I mentioned, but Kevin's work is great.
I have been very pleased with my Reference Line 1a passive. The desire for remote control overcame the hesitation at the price. A very well built unit.

I have seen non-remote Reference Line passive go for as little as $400.
I have had many passive preamps but none of the ones you are considering.

The best for me have been First Sound Passive and Axiom.

Hope this helps

I have heard some good things about the Music First pre.
If you can find a Mod Squad Line Drive deluxe on the 'gon it would be worth considering also....
I have the Adcom 750 and I like it. It is a Nelson Pass MOSFET design and is a Stereophile Class A rated pre. Since you have an Adcom already you might get a little since of Synergy using them together. I've seen them here and on Ebay going for 750 used. I don't know how many outs it has though and it does not have a phono stage either. It can be switched to passive mode by flipping a toggle switch. Read the reviews on this piece of equipment.
Appreciate the responses, now for some more research. I'm not in a huge hurry, so if anyone else has suggestions...
Without doubt, forget the others there is only one passive!

The music first Magnetic passive pre. I have owned this baby for 2 years and it still amazes me. Every up grade I make is in the correct direction from now on.

It slaughters all competitors for many reasons; firstly it is built by Stevens & billington and uses transformers. Do not bother with resistive passives as these types are of no use except to show us the way to true purity of sound.
The music first is not only RCA but is balanced and this is where passives take on a new meaning. If your power amps are not balanced then buy it as it will operate in RCA but when you get a balanced power amp you will not believe the silence!
The silence and power! You will not doubt this passive! You may doubt the rest of your HiFi but not this baby.
Unreserved recommendation.

The journey is just begining