Recommendations on a digital system

I have a Pass X1 and Bryston 4B SST and I want to go digital. I need to figure out the connections I will need and if that Pass/Bryston can handle it or if I need to sell and buy something new. I don’t have a streamer yet, I don’t know what to get. I’m also looking to use my lifetime Sirius signal somehow as well. Please give me some ideas on a streamer/DAC/CD ripper that possibly has a headphone amp. I also have Sirius lifetime that I would like to incorporate. My hopes are to do all this without needing to use any switches or unplugging/plugging in connections when changing source. No wifi, modest prices (used gear on Audiogon or eBay?).

I just read a post where the poster had tried almost every DAC and streamer out there without really explaining the price point and quality in each. I'm too old and don't have enough time to try and sell/buy the next thing. I'm looking for honest recommendations and affordable price points or links to equipment on Audiogon if possible. I'm pretty sure with all the audio experience on this forum I can get a few recommendations!
What’s affordable to you?
About 3-4k. Used is my only option. I saw a Cocktail Audio X40 refurb for 1299. but I don't know anything about them and no headphone amp or Sirius input but there maybe none made with those options.
Innuos Zen Mk3 streamer/CD ripper/DAC is an excellent unit that can be had for $2600 new, which leaves you $ to get a decent headphone amp like a Burson Soloist. Darko has a review of the Zen Mk3 for more info.  Just one option. Best of luck.
I saw a tear down of the Innuos on YouTube and it isn’t worth the highly inflated cost.  Might have good reviews but the quality of the internal parts and the casework shows it is way overpriced. 
Oh, here we go again. The ol’ haphazard accusation of an overpriced audio component based on component parts thing. Ok, I’ll bite. (BTW, are you buddies with kenjit by any chance?).

@sfseay — overpriced compared to what? You’d say the same thing if you tore apart a Lumin or likely anything else. Yes, there is a markup required for these companies to cover their development, materials, labor, overhead, etc. costs and make some profit doing it so they can stay in business. Welcome to the real world. The market decides what’s overpriced, not you. And if you’re right, which I highly doubt, Innuos will go out of business due to competition that sounds better for less. Of course, you’re perfectly free to go buy the parts yourself and try to build something that sounds as good as the Zen Mk3. Good luck with that.
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  Your amplification will work with anything, don’t worry about that.
since you are new to the whole shebang  I would get the Bluesound Vault2 which runs around $1200.  It sounds pretty good and you may never want to upgrade but if you want to upgrade in the near future that leaves you about 2K which can buy you a truly awesome DAC.  The DAC in the Vault2 is decent and you may never wish to upgrade but it’s the next logical step.
  Otherwise the Vault2 will rip your CDs, connect to your preamp, provide every streaming service and Internet Radio imaginable.  The App that runs it is better than others that I have seen.  Not sure about Sonos support, You can check that out

Cocktail Audio X40 has headphone out.

I had used X12 model for 6 years with no issue.

Now I had been using X30 model for 1 year.

I can recommend this option to OP.
Sfeasy, you saw the infomous OCD Hifi guy video, where he specultates incorrectly the cost and parts in the Innous. He got all of this wrong, first he was viewing a Mk II and not a MK III.

The cost of the product is more than you would think as the power supply is custom, the mother board is custom, the case is custom, the software is custom.

As per performance the Innous product line is among the highest rated digital products on the market and they sound fantastic.

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OP mentioned (x2) of having a Sirius lifetime membership. My take is that he’s pretty serious about Sirius.

If such is the case why not the Denon DNP-800NE at $600? From the literature, he would be able to stream Sirius using Denon’s HEOS app from the phone or tablet. The DNP comes with a Burr Brown internal DAC - but as others have mentioned he could purchase a better DAC if desired. And to top it off, the DNP has a discreet headphone amp with 1/4” output and volume control.

Per other forums, BluSound for Node has been working with Sirius, but as of 2 months ago still hasn’t made much progress in implementation. Regardless, it sounds like it’s in the works, but there’s no guarantees. 
Definitely want to implement my Sirius lifetime subscription. I assume that none of the streamers available don't have Sirius radio capability so I will have to use the output from a Sirius radio cradle to the input of a streaming unit? Thanks for all the posts, this is to me the hardest part of putting my system together. So far I have the Pass X1 preamp, Bryston 4b SST amp, and a Marantz cd player. For the life of me I just don't now how you would tie these together with a streamer, DAC, headphone amp without having to unplug/plugin different components. I'm trying to avoid that.
imabucfan ...
want to implement my Sirius lifetime subscription. I assume that none of the streamers available don't have Sirius radio capability so I will have to use the output from a Sirius radio cradle...
You can stream XM - Sonos and Roku will both do this and I'm pretty sure there are others. You'll get much better fidelity from the stream that you will from the satellites, although you do need to set the app for highest quality.
So the signal from Sirius radio is not a quality signal? I guess I could use it leisurely but I have no doubt the source is as important to me in my system. I do know this, just like a computer, a good speaker is "garbage in, garbage out"!
I get Sirius for "free" with my satellite TV subscription and had it in my car when I bought it.  It sounds pretty bad compared to most streaming sources and FM radio.  I'm not sure if a streamer would provide better sound quality, but the Marantz streamers will work with Sirius as will Sonos and some others.  I think there's a reason most of the higher end streamers don't include it as an option.
As you have the Sirius subscription, I would just get a Bluesound Node.
With that you can use your subscription, but still be open to number of higher rate streaming offerings.
Plus, you can output to a better DAC than the one in the Node should you want to pursue audio perfection.😉
The nice thing is that you can buy a used Node for not much money. The only difference between the old and new Nodes is wireless connectivity, so if you don't need that, you won't be losing anything, as the Bluesound app is upgradable. (I know, I own the original Node cubes. They still work as they should).

I don't see Sirius as one of the services available in the Bluesound app, at least the android version which is what I use.
Like I said passing a bad source through a good speaker is garbage in, garbage out so maybe I will confine the Sirius subscription to my car!
Bob thank you, I don't need to stream wirelessly so the Bluesound Node is a definite possibility!
@big greg,
You are correct!
I was confusing it with Spotify.
And, I have to say the sound quality of Sirius is much worse than Spotify.

I just found this:
My preference is to have no blutooth/wireless since I will be listening in the same room as my gear. I have noticed nearly all the media players are either wireless (as an option) or amplifier which I would not need either. Are there any units that are used just as a source input into a preamp? I have not found any, maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I hope the unit would include a decent DAC/cd ripper/(possibly) even a headphone amp. The Blusound Vault 2 is supposed to be all of these, but they don't advertise it as such?