Recommendations on a 3 channel amp?

Fellow Audiogoners...I'm looking for a fairly good quality 3 channel amp that has a low profile. I was thinking of either the ARCAM Diva P70 or the ARCAM FMJ P35. Can you suggest any other low profile 3 channel amps out there that I should look at? It has to be a low profile so it will be able to fit in my shelf...
I just purchased a rotel RB993 THX model. It puts out 200 watts per channel. It is 5" high if that will fit. It also has a great sound to my ears.
I have a Krell KAV-250a/3 that is for sale. It's the best HT 3 channel amp I've ever had and does music equally as well.
I've gone the dedicated 2 channel route, though, so it has to go.
Primare has a relatively low-profile power amp that can be ordered in a 3-channel configuration. I haven't demoed it myself but their gear is pretty nice quality stuff.. I own the 3-channel Arcam 10P amp and am very happy with it.. the low profile is nice BUT it needs some airspace around it to breath as it runs warm even at idle.. the FMJ version you are considering is very nice, too.. Good luck! jz