this CD

A friend was recently in New Orleans and picked up a CD after listening to Louis Ford. He handed me this CD:

I feel this is awesome music and love this kind of jazz. Even on audiophile front, the recording is superb and feels "live". The music is so nice that, the wife sleeping upstairs complained after I stopped playing the music after 5 songs, to go order the CD. She later joined me in the listening session and we finished off with the last song.

Do folks here have suggestions based on the preference I have just mentioned? Would love to buy music like this. Don't care about unknown artists, but do care of great music and recordings.

Thanks in advance.
Just ordered it - looks looks a great CD - looking forward to listening to it - thanks for the tip

Thanks for the recommendation. Sharing discoveries in these forums is one of the very best ways to discover new music.
I listened to some of their songs on youtube and loved it!
I love older music and there is good expression and feel to these songs, thanks for the recommendation, a real find.

while not quite an authentic sound as Louisiana Music Factory you may like Allen Toussaint's The Bright Mississippi a nice listen.

I look forward to more recommendations...
Wow....I am so glad that you guys too liked this CD. I will share this thread with my friend/colleague. He is not an audiophile and listens to this CD as background music.

I am so envious of guys who get to visit New Orleans jazz clubs. My friend was dragged there by his manager, who loves to visit these clubs. Guess, I need to be pally with his boss :-)
Louis Armstrong in general, and "LA Plays WC Handy" in particular are high among my go-to choices for this genre. (I also love the Toussaint/Bright Mississippi call). The Dukes of Dixieland are also wonderful Dixieland Jazz players and guys like Bix Beiderbeck (sic?), Al Hirt and Pete Fountain offer the virtuoso soloist horn/reed twist on the genre. All of the solo guys' recordings, however, must be vetted for SQ, as that varies all over the board.

Further, it looks like the CD you linked (I couldn't get audio samples to play, so I'm not sure here) covers some broader ground into the funkier realm of the "Second Line" and brass bands. Rebirth BB, Dirty Dozen BB, and a few others might be worth exploring. If you morph into the piano-driven side of the Louisiana jazz/blues thing, you get to Professor Longhair and a personal favorite of mine, James Booker (particularly his "Lost Paramount Tapes").

There's a lot of great stuff out there!

Good Luck

Yesterday I picked up the latest record by John Boutte, 'All About Everything'. An exceptional singer who lives, breathes, and is a standard-bearer for all things New Orleans! He's caught a big break from the HBO show 'Treme', the theme song is his and he's performed on the show a bunch of times. The best thing about 'Treme' (an exceptional show!) is the music and the musical director of 'Treme' is the producer of Bouttes' latest record. Outstanding music!
I recently came across this artist that some of you may like

Dr. Michael White

am listening to his Dancing in the Sky right now and it is very tasteful

I hope you like it