Recommendations for Windows software to go with a Ayre QB-9 DAC

I am looking at buying a very clean Ayre QB-9 DAC and starting my Digital music collection. I know that there are several different programs out there for running your digital music library. I wanted to know if anyone has one that they would prefer over another? Once I get everything set-up and running correctly I plan on buying probably only FLAC. files or if I want, this version of player will do DSD.
Any suggestions?
Absolutely, hands down, Roon is the software to use.  Nothing else comes close to the user experience, feature set, Tidal integration, and support by the hardware manufacturers (including Ayre). 
I am in the JRiver camp. It works well and is upgraded often.
+1 for Roon,and roon is updated quite frequently and will be adding Qobuz streaming sometime this year.Also intergrates very well with HQ player as well as Tidal.

Control is done with a IPad or similar device,works flawlessly for me and sounds excellent as well.

We are a dealer with many years of experience with digital audio.

We have used both Roon and Jriver.  Both programs can be used on the same machine and are both useful for different reasons. Roon and Jriver both can run on a Mac or PC. Roon can be installed on certain Nas drives as well.

Ideally if you want to get the most out of your dac you will invest in a proper server as a real server sounds dramatically better than a laptop or standarad PC.  We have tested Aurender, Sotm, Innous, and Baetis vs standard latops and modified PC's even ones with modified power supplies and the dedicated servers have so far produced dramaically better sound 

We use Jriver for editing, and for ripping.

We use Roon for its superior music surfing, Tidal integration and graphical interface.

Roon integrates beautifully with Tidal and HQ player is supposed to take Roon's sound quality even higher. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Always remember a whole wealth of knowledge is also available at 
Computer Audiophile website.

Thanks to all of you, nod to Kenny for the mention of Computer Audiophile website. I am curious how you would modify the PS on a computer? I have three computers 1 Asus laptop, 1 older desktop, and 1 that I just built for gaming. I don't really feel like building another computer just for music file storage. Plus if I was to add another drive to my dedicated gaming machine that means I would need to run the program transferring the files via wireless to my router. Or I would have to put them on a stand alone HDD and plug that in to the router.
I haven't looked at any other sites yet except for Roon. I must say that I am somewhat disappointed when I seen the $120/year price tag. Is there no decent site that does not try to make money off of me? As it is the FLAC files I plan on running cost enough as it is without having someone else holding out their hand for more money. Also I am a PC guy so no IPad or anything of the Apple variety in my house.
I forgot to ask if anyone owns the latest player from Oppo? I have the UDP-205 Audiophile Edition and the Sabre DAC's that they use in it have received many good reviews. I was going to buy the Ayre QB-9 DAC but then I realized that my Oppo player is right next to my router. I could simply just run a CAT 6 Ethernet cable right into the router. I know that the player does support Roon and quite a few other sites. 
I am just curious how it would sound compared to the $3,500 Ayre DAC. Anyone using this same player as their DAC and if so how does it sound?