Recommendations for whole house speaker wire

I am building a new house with a large theater room and a large family room.  My theater room will be run with Emotiva XPA7 and XMC1 processors, Tekton Pendragon speakers and subwoofers.  The great room will have a Raven Integrated MK2 Reflection tube amp and Wilson Audio Duette 2 speakers and one SVS Ultra 13 subwoofer.  I am going to have to run a lot of speaker wires throughout the house.  I would like to buy the speaker wire wholesale.  Do I go with 10/12/14 gauge wire and what wire connectors?  Is there a big difference in sound between a 10 and a 14 gauge wire?

Go with the largest gauge, and check out Kimber cables in wall speaker cable. That's what I ended up using and am pleased with the results. It comes in 16 gauge, KWIK 16, and 12 gauge, KWIK 12. Both can be purchased in LONG rolls through Jerry Raskins NeedleDoctor site. Since this will be permanent and hard to change, don't cheap out. You'll regret it in the long run.

Good Listening,