Recommendations for Vintage Speakers

I’m currently looking to put together a vintage system and am wondering what a good pair of full range, floor standing speakers would be. They would be powered by a Pioneer SX-1250. I listen to a very wide range of music, a lot of live Grateful Dead, Classic Rock, Metal, But also enjoy Jazz and even a little Big Band music once in a while. Thanks for your help!
Seldom see them but KLH 17 was a great little speaker . Still is if you recapwhich is simple .
Big John,
Where is home?  I've got a couple of vintage pairs really cheap if I don't have to ship.  KLH 17's and EV Wolverines.
Find a pair of refurbished vintage JBL L100. You'll never look back.
Another vote for ADS. I’ve owned a bunch, and I still have two pairs of L1290s. They are very good speakers. Also, the surrounds are rubber, so no need for replacement.

I would also cast a strong vote for vintage ARs. The AR9 and 90 are truly remarkable speakers.