Recommendations for Vintage Speakers

I’m currently looking to put together a vintage system and am wondering what a good pair of full range, floor standing speakers would be. They would be powered by a Pioneer SX-1250. I listen to a very wide range of music, a lot of live Grateful Dead, Classic Rock, Metal, But also enjoy Jazz and even a little Big Band music once in a while. Thanks for your help!
And yes the DQ 10's I'm a huge fan of them...their imaging is remarkable....
DCM TimeWindow 3 or JBL L100.
DQ 10’s....what I use. They sound amazing....scored a mint set for $375. Refoamed but 100% original otherwise.  You'll need a high current amp for adequate bass response though.
ads L1290 or L1090 ... mid 80s vintage; I have a pair of the bookshelf speakers in this line in my bedroom and they sound grrrrreat!
Klipschorns. Or KEF Concertos.