Recommendations for used CD player

I'm looking to improve my sound by adding a CD player to my system.  I'm currently now just using a Yamaha DVD player along with a Yamaha Aventage home theater receiver (which uses ESS Technology ES9006 SABRE DACs).  I use the receiver as a pre/pro with a Threshold S500/II amp and B&W 802 Series 2 speakers.

Right now I really like my sound and I've read these DACs are fairly high quality, but wasn't sure if I could get improved sound by adding a used, higher end CD player and possibly outboard DAC.

No SACD needed, my budget is about $400-500.


The correct way to go is a pure CD transport and a dedicated DAC this will give you the best sound.
itzhak1969103 posts02-17-2017 5:47amDVD is a lousy transport with high jitter and harmonic distortion it's better to use dedicated CD transport without inner DAC such as the Cambridge Audio CXC or Cyrus CDt .
All very interesting except for one tiny insignificant detail...the Oppo 205 hasn't been even previewed yet, let alone released. Secondly, Dan Wright will likely offer mods for that player in future, opening up the option to take it to the next level once funds allow. Besides that, you can reduce jitter simply with a good rack and/or Stillpoints Ultra Mini's.
itzhak1969103 posts02-17-2017 7:12amThe correct way to go is a pure CD transport and a dedicated DAC this will give you the best sound.
With $400? And simply having a separate transport/dac doesn't automatically mean it is superior to a single box player. I had a $20kUS budget when I bought my cdp and went for a single box Vitus SCD-025 Mk2 over a mint 2nd hand Emm Labs transport/dac combo offered to me around the same price.

Having a separate transport and dac conceptually is the ideal, but it's not the be all and end all. It comes down to implementation. But yes, once you get up to flagship products, a separate transport and dac can get you that last 10-15% performance.
If the OP can't stretch his budget a single CDP can be reasonable compromise and will be much better than using a DVD as a transport.