Recommendations for used cd player

Anyone have any recommendations for a used cd player? Ideally I would buy a wadia 850 or 860 and get a gns refernce upgrade, but that will run me about $4200, which to me is a lot of cash. I have been looking at the rotel 991AE or the EAD ultradisk 2000 - or possibly a muse. I would like to try to keep it in the $1000 or under range, yet still get some great sound. The rest of my system is a batvk5i preamp, levinson 331 amp, innersound eros loudspeakers, luxman pd300 belt drive turntable with grace 747 tonearm and dynavector karat (original) coil cartridge) and lehman black cube phone prestage. I would appreciate any suggestions you guys have. I search audiogon pretty regularly. I'm presently using an ancient sony es player that has just got to go.

Thanks - Scott
I'd better invest into analogue since with $1000 for an upgrade you can do much better than with digital. That's my $.02
Look into the Wadia 830, great sound/cost ratio. One was just listed for $1500 which is a bargain and way way better than what you are going to find at the $1000 level.
Check out a Theta Miles. They show up here every now and again within your budget. Good luck.
I have the Sony XA7ES Class A (app- 35lbs) cdp with XLR Balance outputs, you can trust me on this one,one of the best valued cdp on the used market. the last one sold for $750.00 usually go for $925.00 . I compared this to the Miles no contest.I compared it to the Levinson 39 and they were so close in sound ,the Levinson had a bit more base, and with better cables did prove to be a better player, but 3x the price.I have had mine for 5 years. Believe me for the $1K it is a Buy It Now !!! . One guy wrote a few weeks ago I found a better player than the XA7ES and it was the New Tri-Vista, check the price difference.
I would second the suggestion for a Theta Miles. A definate bargain that would complement your excellent system. It is a huge step up from the very good Rotel and EAD.
How about a Proceed PDT3/PDP3 combo?
They're very musical and they fit nicely within your budget.I've seen them here for sale for around 1K.
The French made Vecteur L-4 sells new for $1500. I bought one used for $1000.oo. Kick ass player. Check reviews. Honestly though, I only saw one used one on audiogon in a year--and I bought it. Good luck.

I have a Muse 9 sign and if you dont choose latest version it is a true bargain on the used market. I have tested my Muse (gen 3) against Wadia 860x in my system and my Muse was at least as good as Wadia. Wadia has little more resolution and Muse a litle more realaxed and warmer sound. And you get any exellent DVD as a bonus with Muse!
buy them while you can as prices appear to have gone up....I am advised current retail for a model L 4.2 is now 2300. Audio Note will be raising prices in July according to Peter Q and I suspect it will be on the order of around 20%.

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