Recommendations for SS preamp for Pass XA-30.8

I want to change my Pass Labs XP-10 preamp to another analog SS preamp around $ 3500-5500 (or less) new or used with balanced XLR inputs and outputs, remote control and HT Bypass.

Looking for more revealing and resolving sound with more air around instruments, better/tighter bass, better 3D imaging and wider/deeper soundstage.

The rest of the system:

Transport: OPPO BDP-105
Amp: Pass Labs XA-30.8
Speakers: Snell C7 (Floorstanding, 3-way, tri-wired, 89Db)
Interconnects: Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval
Speaker Wires: Analysis Plus Oval 9, Oval 12, Oval 12.

Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Are you sure that the XP-10 is responsible for your system's lack of those
sonic characteristics?

All of those were improved in my system by very methodical experimentation
and then optimization of speaker and listener positions.

It could be the preamp, or it could be something else. Perhaps you can
borrow some preamps from a local dealer and go from there.

There is an excellent review comparing the 30.5 to the 30.8 that was just
posted here on Audiogon. That system also uses the XP-10 and describes
some of the sound characteristics that you are looking for.
Try Klyne 7 Preamp, it closes the gap between Transistor and Tubes.
Thank you for the respond, Pete. I experimented with placement, and already positioned speakers and seating area in the best possible way in my house. Now I'm looking for something else (better and more :) ) that might change the sound in my system.
It all started when a friend of mine brought me his dual monoaural preamp Kavent S-22 (almost identical to Vincent and Sheng Ya). And I heard something I never heard before. Layers of instruments, air, tighter base, etc.
They don't make them anymore and they are rarely on sale used (my friend was looking for another one for his 2nd system for a long time).
So, any suggestion which SS preamp could be better than my XP-10?
Hi, Try the Klyne--if you can find one

I would look at your source. The OPPO is a fine Blu-ray player but is a mediocre transport. My friend was using one with a Bryston DAC and upgraded to a Sim moon 260d and the level of refinement was not subtle. Soundstage size increased, musicality, dynamics, aireness, another league.
W3ux, most of my music is digital (FLAC's 16/44, 24/96 and 24/192 kHz, DSD, Blu-Ray-Audio and DVD-Audio images), some SACD's and red book CD's.
I'm quite happy with the OPPO and in my opinion, OPPO's DAC based on Sabre32 in very good, recently I had an opportunity to do A-B comparison of OPPO DAC with the $ 5000 Antelope Platinum DAC playing same content through 2 Plinius SA-103 mono blocks and KEF Blades. The difference was very-very little and definitely didn't worth $ 3800 difference in prices.
That's why I'm thinking about changing my preamp and looking at other SS preamps.
Any recommendations?
Thank you.
"Looking for more revealing and resolving sound with more air around instruments, better/tighter bass, better 3D imaging and wider/deeper soundstage."

Alex hi, if you want all the above, just use your Oppo direct into the Pass XA30.8 and use the Oppo's volume control.
This will be the most transparent/dynamic you can get, you will get what's been recorded nothing more nothing less, with no added colouration or distortions, that active preamps will bring into play.

Cheers George
karapuz I said the Oppo was a mediocre transport not DAC. The reason you didn't hear big differences is because you used the same transport into a different DAC. If you would use a 2 channel dedicated CDP/transport you would hear the difference. The transport section of the Oppo is optimized for Blu-Ray, 2 channel is an afterthought.
What does transport have to do with digital files played directly from my hard drive? Actual CD's and SACD's are about 5% if not less of what I listen. Any suggestions?

I’m sorry I don’t have any recommendation for you or opinion on your question but, I have a question for you. I see you use the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects. I am thinking of purchasing them. I currently use Transparent Audio Musiclink Plus ICs.
Can you provide a description of the sound qualities of the A+ Solo Crystals Ovals ICs? Particularly in regards to mid-range weight, bass response and weight. I love the transparency of the TA Musiclink ICs but I feel they are light on weight of Mids and lows. What is your opinion and experience with them?
Your thoughts would be appreciated.