recommendations for SS integrated with DAC for

I am looking for a SS integrated amp to drive my Studio-20 bookshelf speakers.
I only use 2 sources ....  ERC-1 CDP and SONOS Connect for streaming audio so, don't need an integrated with tons of inputs.

I currently have a few problems:
1. I am using analog outputs from the Sonos Connect into my Emotiva UPA-2 pwr amp and am using the Connect as a pre-amp (volume control).  While it sounds ok most of the time it is not optimal.

2. I am connecting my CDP outputs into the analog inputs of the Connect and using the Connect for volume control.

Functionally, this works fine but, I want to improve things.  What I want is to connect both the CDP digital out and the Connect digital out into an integrated.  Looking for >50wpc.  My current UPA2 puts out 125wpc but, with my speakers, I think it is overkill.

  Anyway, looking for a good quality integrated.  Budget is $1200 + or -. This for my living room 2.0 music only system.  Attractive and WAF would be good.  

A few questions ....

   Are class D amps audiophile quality?
   Cambridge audio has some offerings.  How do folks feel about them?

 Recommendations are welcome.


I recently bought a Hegel H80 for around the price you state. I use the DAC for the Sonos Connect, and there are multiple digital and analog inputs. Relatively small and looks good.  Sounds great. I use with Dali Helicon 300 monitors. Other sources also. Easy to use, no menus to deal with...
I don't think Class D is an issue at this price point.
That Hegel H80 looks like a nice fit.  I'll have to check it out.

Hmmm ... the price on the H80 runs around $2000.

A bit out of my budget unless I can find an awesome used deal.

You can get a Hegel h70 within your budget.

Another option would be an integrated from Peachtree Audio. 

the H80 seems to run about $1500 -1600 for demo's and about $1200-1300 used
The 220 watt Peachtree is on closeout for $1199 
peachtree's a good pick; a good mate of mine is also very happy with his nad d7050
The Cambridge Audio CXA80 looks intersting.   How does that do sonically?
Where is Peachtree on closeout??
on audiogon, eBay and manufacturer direct - these might be factory reforms...
Peachtree 220se 
Hegel H80 much better fit. Even an H70.
I had seem H70 go used for $800 and H80 for $1200.
I just dont like the look of the Peachtree so, i will try somethong different. The H80 is a stretch goal.  The Cambridge CXA80 is also on my short list.  
Fwiw, I've read favorable reviews on Nuprime IDA8, I think is the model. Price new is under a grand.

Never heard one but I'd like to. I use and enjoy an Anthem 225 Integrated now.

Ok, my short list is now:

Hegel H80
Cambridge CXA80
Nuprime IDA-8

They all offer what I need without going nuts on price.
Does anyone know how they would rank in sonic performance?

I plan to demo the CXA80 but none of the audio shops near me have the other two.

According to the reviews, some  posters replaced pretty expensive seperates with the Nuprime and were happy. Aside from the promising sound quality, I like the small form factor and onboard Bluetooth- also I was told an interchangeable wifi antenna would be available for sale in the near future. (At some point I was emailing with the owner of Nuprime, very cordial and returned informative emails quickly.)

Sorry I have not heard it...I'm considering buying the IDA8 to replace seperates powering standmount speakers.


Bought an IDA8.  Will report after I get to try it

Good for you, looking forward to hearing your impressions. Please give us an update when you can.


Just received the IDA8 the other day.  This thing is way smaller than I thought.
Sounds great!!  I am loving it so far.
My wife is working tonight so I'll get a chance to push the amp a bit.
: )
Awesome! Glad you enjoying it. The size is appealing to me for sure.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it when you have a chance.

Please keep me in the loop-


I am considering buying a Nuprime IDA8 also this week. I may wait to hear some impressions from you first though! Keep me in the loop as well-
Alright big fella- we are on the edge our seats...

What do you think of the Nuprime?

The IDA is great!  I love the sound quality.  The only thing is that they can't drive at really high levels.  If I got to towers, I'd want efficient speakers.

It's a keeper!
Awesome! Glad you like it!