Recommendations for Speakers

Hello everyone. Just bought the new Krell 400 integrated amp. Looking for a pair of speakers to pair it with. Auditioned the Aerial Acoustics 7b, B & W 205 Signatures, B & W 802, B & W 803, NHT 3.3, Maggies 1.6 and Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home. Any other suggestions? All feedback is much appreciated.
Revel depending on budget they have two excellent lines. Outstanding quality .
I agree that both the Revel Studio and the Salon are excellent.
The Wilson Sophia is also very good.

It would help us make suggestions if you told us:

1. The type of music you like.
2. Your budget
3. Your front end (i.e Turntable or CD/SACD player, etc..)
4. The size of your listening room
5. The physical appearance of the speakers (I.e. size, height, and that some speakers have looks that are very modern and will not fit in some rooms aesthetically)

The more information you can give us, the more refined suggestions we can give to you.

One more suggestion: Buy used, that way you can save at least a third of the new price and if you don't like them you can sell them and not lose a ton of money.

Good Luck in your search, and remember: Always trust YOUR ears, as you have to live with your purchase.
You've auditioned great speakers. The speakers recommended are great. This is the inherent problem with a post such as this. Audiophools recommend what they love, what they heard great things about, what they know, first hand and yadeeyaddeedah. Listen and let you tympanics decide. It'll be temporary, anyway. If you're like the rest of us, you'll go through a few pairs in your audiophoolish life. Some amps,cdps, and the lot, as well. peace, warren
Totem Mani 2's
You can't beat the uncolored voice reproduced by the proprietary Radial driver found in Harbeth speakers. I use the Compact 7 ES-II, which is more of a "home" version of their BBC studio monitors. I hope one day you can hear these, they are right up your alley.

This is to thank everybody for their responses. Went to check Revel F20. Not in yet. And they sold out their F30. SIGH! Will look for Reynaud. Not sure about Wilson's Sophia pricing. Nevertheless, will check it out as they are from the same people who distributes the Grand Piano Home.

I listen to everything. I used to be in the music business for a couple of years. My tastes is pretty electic. My budget for the speakers would be somewhere between $2500 and $4500. My listening area would be around 300 square metres. My source is the Pioneer DVD 737, I think. Intend to upgrade that once I sort out my speakers. I like the NHT 3.3 sound but it's really ugly. But looks is not a problem with me. Heard of Totem's Mani 2 and Harbeth speakers. Just never got around to auditioning them. Will definitely check it out. Harbeth used to be very popular but they seem to have kept a low profile these days. A fellow AudiogoNer recommended Triangle. Will check that out too.

Ageed with Kurt_Tank and Warrenh. Bound to have some bad purchases in our quest for audio nirvana. The technology is changing so fast. Not that it makes better music or sound. Bought some stuff used. Never had any problem so far. Especially cables and cords. Electronics should be okay. Not sure about buying used transports and speakers though.

Guess I have to hit the showrooms. Great way to spend an afternoon. Ha! Ha! Thanks guys!