Recommendations for solid core speaker wiring?

At the suggestion of VAC, I am pursuing a solid copper core (multi-conductor if necessary)silver clad speaker cable. Non-bi wired for my Renaissance 30/30 to Edgarhorn Titans. Any suggestions that aren't over the top exotic price wise?

FYI: $1K and up would be "over the top" even though some may feel this setup is / isn't worthy of it. Used of course would be best. 6ft lengths approximately.

Thanks guys for any guidance
From a theoreticall/electrically pure point of view, no one can really argue with the Speltz solution. They are available only in one gauge however, and unless used in short runs (I'd say under 1.5 M or 4.5 ft.) could be susceptable to mechanical vibration and RFI pickup. The important thing is that for $10/foot, you can find out if solid core (or minimal strand cable0 is what you need.

If you want solid core cable that does everything right unconditionally, then there are a number of good brands such as Audience, Audioquest, Virtual Dynamics (the best price/performance ratio), and the most expensive (and very best performance) would be the new Purist Audio Design Proteus Provectus (I cried for a week after returning the demo pair ;-(
I can vouch for the Morrow Audio cables. They are built using numerous, small-gauge, solid-core-copper, silver-coated coductors, so they meet your design request perfectly. IMO, the new SP3 Reference speaker cables are an incredible bargain at $299/pair.