Recommendations for solid core speaker wiring?

At the suggestion of VAC, I am pursuing a solid copper core (multi-conductor if necessary)silver clad speaker cable. Non-bi wired for my Renaissance 30/30 to Edgarhorn Titans. Any suggestions that aren't over the top exotic price wise?

FYI: $1K and up would be "over the top" even though some may feel this setup is / isn't worthy of it. Used of course would be best. 6ft lengths approximately.

Thanks guys for any guidance
Anti cables are well worth the time to see if the synergy arrives with them.They equal all I have had.Couldnt believe it when I first sawr them,good luck,Bob
Look no further Paul Speltz Anti cables..........
Not exactly solid core, but check out Goertz AG series speaker cables.
Another Speltz vote
From a theoreticall/electrically pure point of view, no one can really argue with the Speltz solution. They are available only in one gauge however, and unless used in short runs (I'd say under 1.5 M or 4.5 ft.) could be susceptable to mechanical vibration and RFI pickup. The important thing is that for $10/foot, you can find out if solid core (or minimal strand cable0 is what you need.

If you want solid core cable that does everything right unconditionally, then there are a number of good brands such as Audience, Audioquest, Virtual Dynamics (the best price/performance ratio), and the most expensive (and very best performance) would be the new Purist Audio Design Proteus Provectus (I cried for a week after returning the demo pair ;-(
I can vouch for the Morrow Audio cables. They are built using numerous, small-gauge, solid-core-copper, silver-coated coductors, so they meet your design request perfectly. IMO, the new SP3 Reference speaker cables are an incredible bargain at $299/pair.
Sure do appreciate the info. On these Anti-cables, do they have to be separated somehow on their respective runs? I understand some people twist them for various reasons.
DNM-look no further.
I ran the Anti cables both ways seperated and twisted..I think twisted gave me a touch more detail ( but won't swear to it ) and left it that way..Great bargain cable.....I used bare wire ends ( Vintage 2nd System ) and had no problems.
I really like the Audioquest DBS cables. You could pickup Mont Blanc maybe Volcano. Coherent but still detailed.
Another vote for the Morrow Audio wires. After trying more speaker cables than I can remember, these are staying in the system. Dave
By the way, the Morrow Audio cables are available for a 60-day audition. Your only risk is the shipping cost for the cables, which is pretty minimal.

That should make it financially attractive to compare against the Speltz Anti-Cables or any of the other brands discussed here and then just keep the cables that work best with your gear.

If you do conduct a comparison of multiple cable brands, please let us know what you find. for twisting Anti-Cables... I twisted, then untwisted them. Twisted gave me a more "hi fi" sound, whereas untwisted provided more air and 3 dimensionality. I have tried many cables at the highest price levels, and Anti-Cables sounded best in my system. They are worth a try (every system is different). They have a money back guarantee.
Easy recommendation. Mapleshade Golden Helix, $85.

DNM cable. I must say, I've owned the anti-cables(note past tense). They sound wonderful, however not practical AT ALL. My rack is in the right corner. I ran a 10 foot bi-wired run across the room to the left speaker. The cables literally did not touch the floor. I almost broke my neck walking across the room, not to mention doing dammage to my system by tearing out the cables. I guess I could have run longer lengths but I still would have cables as stiff as coat hangers waiting to trip me again. They have been sold.
Devilboy,this is about sonic attributes.Not hanging wires like a spastic chimp who can't quite figure it out.get some rest,you'll be OK,good luck,Bob
I agree with the point made by "Devilboy". Yes, the question is about "sound", but practicality plays into the equation in a big way for me too. I don't want to own something, no matter how wonderful it sounds, if it is a pain in the arse to use. Cables that are a ball-buster to work with are a pet peeve of mine. As an aside, Usblues, I found your post (directed at "Devilboy") on this thread mean-spirited.
Sarcastic to the Max.Not mean-spirited.Splitting hairs?Perhaps...I got the rent that says you have never seen Anti-cables.They are the easiest of all to use.You would understand if you had used/seen.Go back and try again,cheers,Bob
I am seeing now this has no place here on the Gon.I apoligize to those I have ragged.I had gotten up early to find my wife had left me for her girlfriend! and I couldn't find my saddle and 30.30.Thanks,Bob
Anit cables "...are the easiest of all to use".
Now that is "sarcastic to the max".
By the way Usblues: If you realy want to hear outstanding cable that also happens to be solid core, check out my Crimson's.
I will do that and thanks for the tip D,Merry Christmas,Bob
If VAC told you: "solid copper core (multi-conductor if necessary)silver clad speaker cable"...

There are many producers of silver plated copper. I personally think Van den Hul makes some of the best silver plated copper (multi-conductor). I have personal experience with their Magnum Hybrid. I used this with VAC PA100/100 with good success. I have since moved on to 300B mono-blocks. I'd be willing to let go of a set or two of the Magnum Hybrid if interested.

The Anti Cable is solid core continuously cast oxygen free copper...not copper/silver
Devilboy, could you provide a link/lead to further info on the Crimson cables? Thanks.