Recommendations for small desktop speakers under $1500

Does anyone have recommendations on relatively small, great sounding speakers that would work for a computer desk?  Looking for something under $1500. Active or passive is fine.  I did some poking around and I’m not finding many, at least not by the typical audiophile manufacturers I’m used to looking at for regular sized loud speakers. 


Lol 8 was going to suggest  a pair of totem mites but see I am a secondary voter for that speaker. Very nice you can buy new or used to stay with in your budget. I bought a pair a week ago that were like brand new for 150 Canadian  dollars

Some of the active speakers have DSP for desktop placement. The isoaccustic stands really help on a desk for passive speaker. Likely active speakers with DSP too would be helped.

IsoAcoustics ISO-200Sub Isolation Stand; ISO-200 Sub - The Music Room (

After some experimentation with the following speakers on my desk,



Audience 1+1

AudioEngineUSA 2

I realized that the best way to have speakers in an office with a desk is to have the speaker BEHIND me. I have 6 monitors hooked up to a silent PC and the KEF LS50 META speakers behind me. It is a great sounding room. I have OLD photos on my Virtual System.



Yes, the office is a challenging place to put a system. I put speaker stands just adjacent to my desk, at the same level. It isolates them from the desk and a bit away from the wall. It makes the triangle short on the legs to my sitting position… but sounds amazingly good. I tied in the speakers more than usual.

Cambridge Soundworks Fleetwood set, it will cost you just a 1/8th but I have never heard a better desktop system