Recommendations for short tower or bookshelf under 38” tall

I have a multipurpose room for music and HT but music is the main priority!


Right now I really enjoy my Tekton Double Impacts And have owned speakers from Cornwalls, Thiels, Spatial Audio etc and now thinking I don’t want massive floorstanders anymore and would like a shorter speaker to go under my projector screen which is at 38” in height. 

Would need to stay under $5k and want used recommendations. Love horns, ribbons, or airy highs and lush midrange. Will be using subwoofers to supplement the lower end of things. Fairly average room size of 18’ wide, 14’ deep, 10’ ceiling. 

So far I’ve been thinking of Cornwall IV, Tekton Impact Monitor, JTR and others but thinking that aesthetics might matter a bit more than they have in the past so might want to stay away from the ugly box model but any recommendations are appreciated. 



Is a TANNOY REVOLUTION XT 8F at 43 inches too high? Or maybe a Tannoy Sterling at 33 inches? 

If you like Tekton's you'll probably want to stick close to ESL's or Magnepan.


Sanders and Martin Logan are also great brands.

Never realized how many of the zu speakers were that short. 

I’ll try to find some to listen to. 

If you go for Zu, and looks are a priority, be sure to check out their custom finishes and colors. They've done some really cool, artistic and unique stuff. Not everybody's cup of tea, but if you plan to keep them for a long time...Cheers,


Video, 2 or 3 people wide, you need off-center positioned people to get a full width audio image, these were designed specifically for that

I do not know what modern speakers can create a l/c/r image for l/c/r seating positions , perhaps other people here do.


flexible toe-in is also a solution (my heavy speakers are on 3 wheels) In my 2 channel setup. speakers aimed directly at my center position (or a bit ’out’ for some content). When listening with a friend, small table between us, I change to:

X toe-in, similar to what the DBX are designed to do: aim left speaker at right chair; aim right speaker at left chair. You are closer to one, more volume by proximity, but get more direct sound waves, more volume by directivity from the other side.


You would have the option of changing the distance from rear/side walls for either music or video as well.


The fit and finish of my gloss black Zu Def 4s is outstanding. And as Sbank mentioned, Zu offers a wide range of customizations limited only by your imagination.